Community Helpers emergency assistance programs.

While the resources available from Community Helpers are very limited, the agency may be able to provide some minimal amounts of emergency financial aid or basic needs. They work closely with other non-profits in the Rutherford County Tennessee region, including churches, United Way, civic clubs, Charity Circle of Murfreesboro, and accept private donations. Every program has an extensive application process in place, with proof of hardship and other information required as noted below.

One of the main programs is for paying utility and electric bills. This is provided in close partnership with the ATMOS Energy Customer Contribution, Magic Dollar Program, the MTEMC project Help, Consolidated Utility District Neighbor 4 Neighbor, and also the Murfreesboro Electric Department.

For those qualified households, they may receive a credit on their account. Or get help with entering into some type of payment plan. Other options include cash grants as part of LIHEAP. In either case, there may be some type of support from Community Helpers in order to stop a disconnection.

Vouchers for prescription medicines are offered by the non-profit in partnership with First United Methodist Church as well as Christy Houston Foundation. This is mostly for the very sick and emergency situations. Or, if a grant is not available, staff may offer information on discount programs in Tennessee. For example, many national pharmaceutical companies offer discount plans to the uninsured and very low income families. Bring an empty bottle if the request is for a refill.

Other forms of emergency financial assistance may be paid out. This is done in partnership with the United Way and other groups. In addition to what is noted above, there may be funds to pay for back rent, food for the hungry, and even security deposits. A main goal is on stopping homelessness and ensure residents are safe and secure. When Community Helpers can’t assist, then inquire into referrals to other resources.

Community Helpers will not pay for motel or hotel expenses. Instead, clients can get referrals to local shelters or maybe a transitional housing facility. For any type of housing aid, an eviction notice will also be required from the applicant.




The assistance is only for qualified households. It will not be for say local residents or someone that is not an immediate family member that was covered by the initial application. This applies to all of the resources referenced above.

As noted, the application process is extensive. The applicant needs to be a resident of the county. Proof of ID, such as social security card, ID, and other information is needed for all household members. Much more may be requested as well.

When applying for financial assistance from Community Helpers, applicants will also need information on their current income, such as Social Security, paychecks, unemployment, or pensions. They also need copies of their expenses, such as a lease as well as utility bills. Also bring statements on other expenses, such as medical bills, car payments, and any expense of the household.

The main center is at 1020 N. Highland Ave, Suite D, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130. Call the agency at 615-898-0617. As noted, only a fraction of applicants will be accepted, mostly due to limited funding and the high demand that is currently out there.




By Jon McNamara

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