Community Care Services housing assistance.

Help for both tenants and homeowners is provided by Community Care Services. The non-profit agency is focused on preventing homelessness in Bristol County. They can do this by offering mediation with landlords and coordinating foreclosure counseling for homeowners. There mas also be referrals to government grant programs for paying rent or a security deposit, such as ESG and others.

While what is available in Bristol County will vary, some of the local and national resources are below. Staff from Community Care Services can provide more details on these or other solutions.

Transitional Housing can help the homeless get resettled on a long term basis. There are units in Taunton and other local communities, and the goal is to help people lacking a home or place to live move from homelessness into affordable housing or low income apartments. This program provides individuals and families with referrals to furnished housing, applications to aid such as section 8 HUD vouchers, funds for a portion of utility payments and up to two years of case management.

There are many agencies in the region that offer apartments and shelters, however there is often a waiting list. Placement is based on availability, household size and income, and preference. Interested parties must complete an application. Community Care Services and its staff can provide more information, and applicants will be notified when an opening is available in Bristol or another county.

Assistance is available for the homeless. A number of groups, including Community Care Services, will assist with case management, provide free hot meals, laundry, clothing and other essential services. This is offered for veterans, seniors, and anyone that is on the street. There are also health clinics in Bristol that are providing medical and mental health services to homeless men, women, single parents, and children in the region.

Qualified Bristol County families can get referrals to emergency money for rent, utilities, and heating bills. Most of the organizations in the area will only help an individual or family once a year, for one month maximum. In most cases, no one non-profit or state of Massachusetts agency will cover all of the applicant's unpaid bills or rent costs, and funding is very limited. Often, in order to pay expenses, people will have to ask for help from more than one agency, and community services can provide referrals to some options.




The center does not give direct financial support, however they will try to provide information, linkage to agencies and resources that connect income qualified residents with programs that can be of help for a one-time financial aid. The application process will be strict, and for proof of need, most of the organizations in Bristol County, Raynham, and Taunton will need copy of an eviction notice; utility or phone bill, proof of income and more.

Rapid Re-Rhousing has a goal of moving homeless families and individuals from the streets to permanent homes in Bristol County. Community Care Services can provide referrals to these types of services, which also include intensive case management and stabilization services.

Some of the agencies may offer grants for rental application fees, security or utility deposits, first and last month's rent and more. Clients of this type of program will also benefit from other supportive services such as substance abuse treatment, mental health, affordable child care, education, and ongoing advice.

Community Care Service foreclosure prevention includes free mortgage delinquency counseling. In Bristol County, home foreclosures are still occurring, and it can be due to a loss of job or people living beyond their means. Staff and counselors will offer advice and solutions such as mediation with lenders.

The goal is to help the homeowner bring their mortgage payments current and potentially save their home. Counselors will also focus on the underlying cause of the struggles, and offer budgeting and credit counseling advice, among other services. This goal is often accomplished through education and advocacy on behalf of the homeowner.

Other support can be provided to by Community Care Service, but as noted much of it is from referrals. To learn more, call 508-990 – 0972.




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