Community Action Development Corporation Oklahoma.

The programs available from the Oklahoma based Community Action Development Corporation provide support to low income families, including children and seniors. The agency offers assistance in the southern and western portion of the state. If the non-profit can’t meet your needs, then referrals or linkage may also be available.

The counties that are supported by CADC include Roger Mills, Beckham, Cotton, Tillman, Jefferson, Kiowa, and Washita. They operate a number of programs for residents, such as Head Start, outreach, and transportation.

CADC’s goal is to assist area residents in becoming self-sufficient through emergency assistance. Case managers from the agency can make referrals to other social service, government benefit programs and employment agencies as needed.

The agency is the local representative for a variety of emergency assistance programs for families in need to get immediate help. They can coordinate help with food and utilities payments. Any aid is given on a first come first served basis as funds become available through a few government agencies, such as Homeless Assistance Program (HAP), Federal Emergency Management Services (FEMA) and through the Salvation Army.

The Head Start program from Community Action Development Corporation is available in over 10 different sites across the counties served by the agency. Assistance from the Head Start program is made available for 3 and 4 year old children with the main focus to service given to low-income families. All families who think they may meet income levels are encouraged to apply. Children are accepted as spacing and regulations allow.

Head Start is a federal government funded preschool program where the development of the whole child is the main focus. Each child who is able to enroll in Head Start will receive a number of services, including medical care, dental checkups, free hearing tests, vision, and developmental screenings. In addition to that, the program also provides a third of the child's minimum daily nutritional requirements.

Daily lessons held are individualized to meet each the needs of each child. Not only that, but children with disabilities also have their special needs met. Head Start will offer an educational component, special attention is paid to making sure that the children are ready for school, and literacy. Children are regularly assessed to monitor their progression throughout the process.




Parental involvement is another important aspect of the Head Start program. As the child's first and most important teacher, the parents are encouraged by Community Action Development Corporation to be involved in the classroom. They are welcomed into the center at any time and are a valued part of Head Start.

There are many successes and rewards to those that are participating in the Head Start program. By providing early support, or a head start to these children, they will be more prepared for the school setting, and Community Action will continue to nurture the future of our state of Oklahoma and the counties served. Call 580-726-3343 for details.

The Community Action Development Corporation Weatherization Program has been designed to reduce the energy costs and utility bills of income eligible families. It does this by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The program and the improvements made to a home has also been able to ensure their health and safety. It focuses on counties such as Cotton, Kiowa, Roger Mills and more. Some of the work and items that can be installed include entry doors, window sealing, blown insulation, safe energy efficient heaters and even new refrigerators.

The Weatherization Program has also established a fee-for-service program. The staff that provide these services have been trained in the latest energy saving techniques. They can help in many ways, including by providing recommendations for improvements that can be made by the homeowner.

This program allows contractors and staff to perform multiple services, such as energy audits and insulation, for participants who do not meet the income guidelines of the Weatherization Program. Those lower income families who feel that they may need help lessening their heating bills or saving money are encouraged to apply for assistance and these conservation measures.

Housing is available from the Grand Apartments. The units have been renovated to provide affordable, safe and lower income housing to income eligible senior citizens from the area. The Grand has dozens of one bedroom apartments, some of which are 100% ADA accessible and 5 efficiency units.

Those looking to buy a home can get support as well. Community Action also provides a Homebuyer Education workshop. This will prepare first time and prospective homebuyers for what can be the one of the largest investments they will make, owning a home.

This training and the support provided by the non-profit agency will cover all of the major concerns, including what types of insurance to buy, how to shop for the best mortgage and finance rate, home inspection, tips on how to negotiate a selling price, and the pros and cons of being a homeowner, while look forward to purchasing a property. Upon completion of this Homebuyer Education training, participants of the sessions will receive a certificate of completion which is recognized by all banks, lenders, and major home financing agencies.

The Red River Transportation Service is a rural public transportation service that is available in several counties in South and Western Oklahoma, such as Roger Mills and Beckham. Red River Transportation (RRT) is committed to providing the same transportation access to rural Oklahomans as is enjoyed by urban residents.

This transportation program allows services for eligible residents for a number of needs. Rides can be provided for medical appointments, such as dialysis treatments, etc. RRT currently services the residents of Caddo, Carter, Comanche, Custer, Dewey, Ellis, Cotton, Jefferson, Kiowa, Roger Mills, Stephens, Tillman, Washita, Beckham, Woodward counties with the SoonerRide Program. Call 877-404-4500.

CADC has been operating as a rural transportation service since such programs were funded by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and has been one of the first original operations of rural public transport.

The Red River Transportation service was also one of the first transportation systems to be awarded Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) grants. What this means is that the agency and this transportation program can provide services for people to attend job training, an interview or similar activities. RRT currently has TANF contracts in in the counties of Jefferson, Stephens, Beckham, Roger Mills, or Kiowa.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling, or VITA/TCE, is a resource offered by CADC. The non-profit works with the Oklahoma Asset Development Program and credit counselors to provide matching funds. The result of this partnership will enable the agency to offer Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (VITA/TCE) which are sponsored by the IRS.





The purpose of the VITA/TCE Program that is available in Oklahoma is to provide free basic tax return preparation for income eligible taxpayers and low income families in the region. Volunteers, who work with Community Action Development Corporation on this, are the most valuable resource of this program and they provide a high quality service while upholding the highest of ethical standards. All tax information received from taxpayers is kept strictly confidential, it will not be shared with or to any unauthorized persons and it is kept secure. CADC's Volunteers have been trained by IRS representatives.

Prescription assistance is provided by a program known as Rx for Oklahoma. This helps state residents to have access to prescription assistance programs that are provided directly by pharmaceutical companies. Some of what may be offered is free and discounted medication, as this assistance has been proven to be a much needed service for some state residents. Rx for Oklahoma provides better healthcare, improved medication compliance and fewer medical problems for those that qualify.

Staff from CADC will assist completion of the necessary applications and collect proper documentation. They will also make any necessary phone calls on the client’s behalf. The entire process takes about 4 weeks to apply for, so only maintenance medications will qualify. Other support is available as well, as CADC also helps to attain refills for approved medications. For more information please call 580-335-5588.

Senior Nutrition and Outreach from Community Action Development Corporation's is a funded NPE (Nutrition Program for Elderly). The program is involved in helping the elderly as it serves noon meals to those seniors 60 years and older within the counties and towns of Beckham, Custer, Kiowa, Roger Mills, and Washita.

Both congregate and home-delivered meals (for those unable to come to the site) are available in the areas of Rocky, Sayre, Weatherford, Mountain View, and Cheyenne in Oklahoma.

Donations are suggested for each meal to help cover costs of the program. The majority of services are provided with Older American Act Dollars and government grants. Volunteers are necessary in all meal site communities, and participants are encouraged to donate towards the cost of services, whether it be lunch or an in-home delivery.

Not only does each senior nutrition site provide a free hot, nutritious meal, but also an opportunity for seniors to socialize with their peers or participate in workshops.

This non-profit community action agency is also a contract provider for home-delivered meals with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Medicaid eligible participants who live within the county project area can receive frozen meals and in certain communities, hot meals.




These various outreach services are available to all communities located within the 5 counties, including Jefferson, Beckham and others. Case workers provide senior citizens from the service territory with referrals and "links" to any other needed services. Whether they need a water heater or furnace repaired or home health care provided to them, the CADC outreach program can connect them to the proper service and assistance programs. This program has been designed to encourage and support the independence of older citizens.

Community Action Development Corporation (CADC) has offices in all counties and towns. Call a center near you. The main number is (580) 335-5588.

  • Beckham County, P.O. Box 501, 111 W. Main Sayre, OK 73662
  • Kiowa County, 220 S. Broadway, Hobart, OK 73651
  • Washita County, PO Box 447, 122 S. 3rd Butler Building Sentinel, OK 73664
  • Cotton County, P.O. Box 86, 102 W. Texas Temple, Oklahoma 73568
  • Roger Mills County, P.O. Box 189 Senior Citizens Center Cheyenne, OK 73628
  • Jefferson County, P.O. Box 126, 400 Taylor & Main Ryan, OK 73565
  • Tillman County, PO Box 989, 105 S. Main St Frederick, Oklahoma 73542


By Jon McNamara

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