Utility discounts from Columbus Ohio Public Utilities.

Low income elderly customers of City of Columbus, Ohio Public Utilities may receive a discount on their monthly utility bills. The program has helped hundreds of families across Franklin County save money on their account and many people have been able to prevent a shut off as a result of the savings. The discounts can also be combined with other financial assistance programs that are available in Ohio.

There are a number of restrictions and conditions in place that need to be met, and the income threshold will usually only allow very low income families to receive this discount. While the terms and income thresholds may change over time, many of the details on the program are noted below.

In general, those who qualify for the Columbus Ohio Low Income Discount Programs will save on both electric and their water bills. Savings may also be applied for sewer or waste disposal costs as well. Those who are found eligible will receive a discount of up to 20% off their monthly water and sewer usage bills.

It is for people who live in both a single or multi-family home in Franklin County Ohio. Residents of town or mobile homes may also qualify too. When applying for a Water discount, their base fees (daily service charges) are waived as well when entered into the program.

The Senior Citizen Discount Programs is for households with an elderly member that is 60 years of age or older. They need to also have a limited income, and many of them only live on SSI or a fixed income pension.

Seniors age 60 and older with limited income may qualify for a discount on electricity and/or water bills. Many elderly people in Franklin County qualify for both the Senior and the Low Income programs. In addition to the 20% discount that is offered for water or sewer bills, they may also receive a discount on their electric account too. This will help with Columbus Utilities heating costs.

Seniors can apply for the Public Utilities electricity bill discount as well, and that can be as much as a 10% savings. Once again, this is mostly for very low income households in Franklin County Ohio. Some of those limits are below, but call the company for the latest information.




The general, qualifying income limits for these senior citizen discount programs are below, but they can change over time. They are based on many factors including the households total income levels as well as number of people in the home. In general, the maximum gross income based on household size is as follows.

  • 1 person home, $18,000 is maximum.
  • 2 members of the household, $23,800
  • 3, $27,800
  • 4, $35,000
  • 5 people - $40,500
  • 6, $45,000
  • 7, $50,000
  • 8, $56,000
  • 9 or more people in the home can have a maximum income of $66,600 and still qualify for a discount.

Those amounts will change and will be set by City of Columbus, Ohio Public Utilities. They are generally based on the Federal Government Poverty Level which adjusts once per year. So customers can always review that information as well.

Those are not your only options. Seniors in the region usually benefit from other services as well. Many of the low income benefit from grants for paying their heating bills from LIHEAP. The weatherization program will also allow homeowners to save money, and they may receive tips on how to reduce their water usage and also conserve power.

For more information, contact the utility company at 910 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43215, (614) 645-8276.



By Jon McNamara

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