Columbia Missouri Salvation Army assistance programs.

A leading non-profit in Columbia Missouri is the Salvation Army organization. Numerous family services are administered. The Boone County centers try to provide for the basic needs of residents in the community. This can include very limited amounts of cash assistance for bills, food, housing and also counseling and referrals. The demand on the Salvation Army is very high and not everyone will be able to qualify for their programs.

Emergency housing services are available across Missouri. They partner with non-profits and government agencies including the Governor’s Committee to End Homelessness. A core assistance program in Boone County is to address rental needs, housing and offer homeless assistance. Case managers work to end homelessness by breaking the cycle of poverty and addressing its root causes. Emergency cash assistance for rent or deposits is part of this, however that will be limited.

In addition, the Salvation Army has information on local shelters and transitional housing programs. Most of the centers will also provide clients with free hot meals, beds, clothing and assistance with job searches and medical treatment. Once an individual is ready to leave the shelter/housing unit and transition to more permanent housing, case managers from the Salvation Army will work with them in order to help them find suitable accommodations.

Senior citizens and the elderly in the community can receive support as well. The Salvation Army of Missouri views the work and support they provide to the elderly and seniors as being very important. Hundreds receive guidance every year. This is done from Boone County community centers and area on aging offices. Seniors from the region can gather at these centers in order to get a meal, socialize, and attend workshops. While the exact type of programs available at each center will vary, examples include Lunch programs, educational classes, pre-retirement seminar, exercise classes, faith and fellowship and more.

Offering more general counseling and casework is a key function. So the Salvation Army caseworkers arrange workshops and seminars. Employment programs are available too. Some of what is available includes job placement strategies, casework and counseling services, and basic financial planning.




During the winter, if you are faced with a disconnection, then emergency funds for paying your gas or electric bill may be offered. This is also an even stronger possibility for people who have a young child or senior member of the household, and of course who meet income guidelines.

The Salvation Army will also care for veterans and their families. While services will vary by center, in general they can distribute care packages, help them apply for their federal government benefits, and ensure they are housed.

During times of disaster in Columbia Missouri (or anywhere in the state) the Salvation Army and its team are there. They will work at the center of the disaster, providing food, water, spiritual care and more to victims. They will also help to address the long-term needs of those who are affected. Whether it is a flood, tornado, fire or some other event, resources are made available.

Other basic needs are offered too. Programs are offered at Christmas, including Angel Tree. Also new or gently used clothing is sold at thrift stores. This can include school supplies and items for work. Other items for sale may include furniture or household appliances. The low income in the county may also get a voucher that they can use to pay for the goods. The Salvation Army will also provide referrals and information on other Missouri non-profits and government aid.

The two main locations of the Salvation Army are at 1108 W Ash St., Columbia, (phone (573) 442-3229) and also 23 E Walnut St, Columbia, Missouri ((573) 443-2786).



By Jon McNamara

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