Columbia County Georgia Salvation Army assistance programs.

A combination of basis needs, government grants, or loans from the Columbia County Salvation Army can offer assistance to some low income families. The money, which is limited, is combined with resources from DFCS. Families may also access budgeting classes or maybe a free box of food from a pantry. All of this is done, and more, in an effort to break the cycle of poverty in the Appling Georgia area.

For those that need seasonal help, such as school supplies or additional funds during the winter for paying heating bills, the Salvation Army will try to meet this need in Columbia County as well using Project Share or the Red Kettle. Another service that operates year round is the Family Store. For those people that are not found eligible, then referrals may be given to other state of Georgia or government run programs.

Food pantry – Organizations such as the United Way as well as the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program provides Salvation Army of Columbia County with surplus food items. There are also donations from churches and supermarkets as well as the state of Georgia Department of Agriculture. Additional funding and grocery items come from local donors, the State Food Purchase Program, and the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program.

Applications are needed. A priority is for families in a crisis. If qualified, the Salvation Army Food Banks distribute boxes to low-income households in the service area.

Christmas and holiday care programs from Columbia County Salvation Army can help during certain seasons. There is also a food bank/soup kitchen that operates year round. Many families that are struggling or living in poverty need help with buying toys for the Christmas holidays. Or maybe they need free school supplies or uniforms for their child. Others can use assistance year round to feed their children or family.

The Salvation Army offer both holiday and year-round food assistance to low-income families. They also run a back to school program. There is every from from Adopt a Family to free Thanksgiving meals as well during the holiday timeframe.





Clients need to be already served throughout other parts of the agency. Families who apply are often referred from the United Way, diocesan parishes, DSS, and schools in the Columbia County Georgia area. Based on when the request comes across, the family is given a meal box, free Christmas gifts, canned groceries, winter warm goods, and much more.

Utility bill assistance is available from Columbia County Salvation Army throughout the region using Project Share Funds Struggling, poverty stricken individuals and families work with a social service caseworker to prevent an interruption in services. This form of assistance is only available during a crisis situation.

The Salvation army also has information on many state of Georgia energy bill assistance programs. As while Columbia County has some of their own services available, other options for low income families may be payment plans, government resources such as LIHEAP, and more.

Also, anyone facing homelessness can apply for partial rental assistance. The funding for this is also very limited, and will only pay for a portion of what the family may need. The apartment or home being lived in also needs to be affordable, so the financial aid is one time only.

Requests from a cash grant are received all year during normal business hours and may be in person, by telephone or through referrals from other supportive services in the area. The Salvation Army uses the DFCS offices in Appling to process applications for a loan or grant, and the phone number is (912) 366-1010.

Employment service programs – There are resources available from the Salvation Army in Colubmia County that assist the unemployed as they look for work, as well as those who are employed and working to improve their career prospects status.

Program staff members from the agency are trained in guiding clients through the JobLink system; providing assistance with completing and submitting applications; finding positions in close proximity to the clients' homes in Appling; classes for training clients in computer use; and more. The Salvation Army partners with the Department of Workforce Service in the state of Georgia to provide this service.




Other social services may also be offered in partnership with the DFCS in Columbia County. For information on financial aid from Project Share, or even Medical Care from Project Hope, call the intake line at (912) 366-1010.


By Jon McNamara

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