Collier County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Numerous Salvation Army services in Collier County are available for struggling families. Financial aid and social services can assist senior citizens, immigrants, the unemployed, and low income. The agency and its case managers may be able to help those facing challenging times. The Salvation Army will provide guidance and aid whenever possible to those Collier County families that meet guidelines.

Financial aid is offered from the Emergency Social Services program. When funding allows, and conditions are met, residents may receive rent or utility bill assistance. People can only apply once per year (at most) and need to have comprehensive documentation, including Drivers License or ID, social security cards, copies of leases and utility bills, pay checks, proof of all income and more. All funds will be paid to a vendor, such as your landlord or energy provider. The family or individual applying will not receive a check or cash from the Naples Florida Salvation Army organization.

Any payments made will only be for a portion of your expense. Applicants need proof that they paid a portion of their rent or power bills. Also, if you are not currently working, then be sure to bring Termination of Employment Letter or medical documentation from a doctor. Those that are on a path to self-sufficiency and stability are always in a better position when requesting financial aid. Note that there may be other requirements put into place and program terms can change. Call or stop by 3180 Estey Ave, Naples, Florida 34104. Phone number is 239-775-9447.

An on site Food Pantry is available. It can help feed those in need in Collier County, including the jobless, children, students, and senior citizens. What is available depends heavily on donations to the pantry. It will usually limit any distributions to at most once every other month. This can change though based on the timing of donations. Some of what people may receive from the Salvation Army includes Canned Salmon, Tuna, chicken, Beef Stew, Peanut Butter, Beans, Canned Fruit, and more.

There is a Salvation Army Child Care Center in Naples Florida. The organization and its staff try to allow every young child and student to show their uniqueness. The agency will provide them with love and guidance based on the Word of God through praise and Scripture. Snacks, group activities and more are offered. Many children may also benefit from some of the Christmas time programs and gifts, such as Angel Tree.




To expand upon above, the Christmas Cheer Program can help the less fortunate have an enjoyable holiday season, including Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. Special attention is focused on children, senior citizens, and the homebound in Collier County Florida. Qualified families can apply to receive free food at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other holiday programs provide free clothing, gifts and toys based on the number of people in the family. Seniors can also get home visits and companionship too.

Your local Salvation Army center serves as a focal point for holiday assistance applications. Among other things, this will ensure that any holiday gifts are fairly distributed throughout the community. It also lessens any chance of duplication of services with other agencies, such as Catholic Charities.

A “Toy Store” also operates. Volunteer opportunities are available in the community starting in early November through the end of December. Those who volunteer at the Naples Florida site will be able to help sort and package toys for each child adopted by the Angel Tree program. They will be involved in preparing the food, meals, and toys for distribution to local Collier County families in need.

Disaster assistance services are available, often in partnership with other non-profits and government organizations. They work to provide emergency services to individuals and communities affected by disasters, including the infamous Florida hurricanes or other events such as fires. The Salvation Army, its staff and volunteers are usually the first to arrive at the scene. They also partner with other groups such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Voluntary Organizations active In Disasters (VOAD), and other Local/State of Florida and Regional Emergency Management Organizations.

The aid provides tends to be the following. Free food, shelter, clothing, furniture, meals, and vouchers for other items. They try to offer basic necessities for survival. Other support includes crisis counseling, which is made available for those who struggle to come to terms with unusually trying situations.




By Jon McNamara

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