Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition rent assistance and rehousing.

Individuals facing eviction or that need to be rehoused are some of the main clients of the Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition. They are one of the region’s leading non-profit organizations and they have a strong focus on helping the less fortunate. Most of the support provided revolves around both preventing evictions and rehousing the homeless, so they offer referrals to grants to pay back rent or maybe a portion of the deposit on a new low income apartment.

Many families in Collier County Florida live paycheck to paycheck. So when they have a reduction in income or their work hours, it may sometimes lead to homelessness. If this is occurring to you, then call the Coalition for help. Or if you are struggling in some other way, ask for assistance.

Staff can provide individuals with information on emergency funds to pay rent or access other case management services. The goal is to stabilize the client, and many people will recover for their hardship with coordinated case management and a limited amount of emergency financial assistance.

Much of the funding that is available to qualified families is offered in the form of Homeless Prevention and Short Term Assistance. The Collier County Homeless Coalition can refer clients to local resources and charities, as noted below. The objective is to help individuals and families at risk of homelessness stabilize their situation. So support will ideally keep them from becoming homeless and assists persons experiencing it to be quickly re-housed and stabilized. Specifically there may be government grants for the following.

  • Money can be used to for the payment of past due utility or water bills, and it should not exceed 4 months in arrears.
  • Delinquent rent, or even a partial mortgage payment, can be made. This will be for those individuals that meet qualified and have an eviction or foreclosure notice.
  • Legal aid may be coordinated by the coalition. Grants can be used to create these programs in Collier County Florida.

Much of this is administered by partners of the Homeless Coalition. Clients can call one of these locations, or dial another agency that is referenced.




  • Catholic Charities – They can be reached at (239)793-0059
  • Salvation Army – The non-profit offers transitional housing and emergency shelter, among other resources. They also may have one time loan programs. Telephone - (239)775-9447.
  • Youth Haven offers both case management and more medium turn assistance. (239)774-2904.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing is arranged by C.A.S.L., Inc.-Renaissance Manor. The number for this charity is (941) 916-9621.

So the Collier County Housing Authority also works with those non-profits and others. In addition, the homeless can look into rehousing. This will be holistic, and it will offer funds to pay a security deposit and other aid. Clients will be required to be stabilized too, and participate in various case management services. For more details on this, dial (239)986-1125.

Partnerships for Prevention is the name of a service for people or entire families from Collier County that are at risk of evictions. It is run in partnership with many of the agencies listed on this page. For those residents that qualify for support from it, there may be emergency help for paying back rent. The partner agencies provide case management services as well as intake, among other resources. Other services include landlord / tenant mediation, legal support, and possible placement into transitional housing.

Any support provided by the Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition, whether for prevention or rehousing, is of course dependent on resources. For example, they use either federal government or private funds for many of their programs. When this money runs out, then very few other resources are available.





The key partners for prevention include David Lawrence Center, Catholic Charities of Collier County, Immokalee Multicultural Multipurpose Community Action Agency, Collier County Housing Authority, and Youth Haven.

In addition to struggling with rent, others will have difficulty in paying their utility or water bills. This too can cause an eviction for your apartment. Therefore, another option is the Energy Bill Program from Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. This Charity provides low-income Collier County residents with assistance to pay past-due utility bills.

While they administer the funds, it is run in close cooperation with the Collier County Hunger and Homeless organization. When seeking financial help for utility expenses, no appointment is necessary and grants will be paid out to those that qualified on a first come, first served basis. There are numerous income and other conditions that need to be met by applicants. Each case is reviewed closely, and the application process is stringent. Call 239-262-4877.

While the partners administer much of what is referenced above, residents can also try contacting the Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition directly. The address is 5251 Golden Gate Pkwy Naples, FL 34116, or call 239-263-9363.



By Jon McNamara

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