College students can sell their notes for cash.

A college education often comes with financial stress, but selling notes and other material (which is legal to do) can help reduce that stress. Over 70% of students feel under pressure when it comes to their finances and millions go into debt in order to pay for a higher education. One way to help keep up with paying the costs of a higher education is to sell notes and supplies to other students, and there are many websites and platforms that help facilitate this.

Selling study material and notes can help a student keep up. As many college students are worried about not having enough money to pay for school and their personal expenses. This is in addition to the stress of repaying student loans and other the other bills that come with a higher education.

If you are a struggling, hard-working college student, with a desire to make money, you can sell your notes. It is free to do, legal, and it has nothing to do with cheating. You can make money without any time commitment, effort or compromising your grades.

Selling your notes and being a notetaker in college has many advantages. It is an effortless way to earn extra cash to help pay for holiday breaks, textbooks, or to afford food and gas. It can even be possible to use some of those funds for paying off some off some loans.

Notetaking in college is scientifically proven to boost professional and academic success, and it helps to improve your understanding of coursework materials while increasing focus. It encourages active listening and an effective way to organize your thoughts and knowing what is important. It was also demonstrated that effective notetaking is a proven method that has helped students to get higher GPAs, increase comprehension and memory retention.





Today, you can be rewarded with extra cash while also helping another student in need, while enhancing your own academic skills as a notetaker. There is no risk to do this and it is not the same thing as “cheating”. Below, you will find websites that will turn your classroom notes into cash. Use as many sites as possible to maximize your earning.

Websites and marketplaces that can be used to sell notes for cash

Anyone who is pursuing a college degree or even a technical skill at say a local community college can use these sites and platforms. Those seeking advanced degrees may also benefit. College students of all ages, backgrounds, languages, and nationalities can sign up and start earning some money for their notes essays, and other written material. An Australian student service website that provides millions of students with access to used textbooks, tutors and assignment help. StudentVIP has a "notes' feature as well. It will allow students the ability to sell their notes.

Anyone who has completed a college course with organized, well researched, easy to read notes are eligible to apply. This site does not accept essays, copied lecture notes from powerpoints/course materials or exams. Only study guides are allowed, with thoughtful and unique work that is a result of your understanding and summarization based on lectures, textbooks, and research.

You must be the legal author of all submitted work in order to sell it. You can earn between $14- $59 for each note. If your work gets sold, you get to keep 70% of the sale, and the site takes 30% commission. Funds will become available after 14 days for a bank transfer. A marketplace to buy and sell study guides. Become a seller on Stuvia and earn money from your study materials, which of course includes class notes. Just upload your documents, set your price and make money whenever your documents get sold.





Top college student sellers at Stuvia have earned thousands of dollars for uploading study materials during midterm and finals week. Each uploaded document is worth money, and you can sell one document as many times as you want. On Stuvia, you can sell essays, thesis, book summaries, study guides, and any other materials of which you own the copyright. A platform to connect university students from New Zealand, Australia, and the United States to buy and sell course materials. You can sell course guides, templates, or notes that you produce throughout your academy journey. Nexus Notes does not accept any essays, take-home exams, or any materials that were created by a third-party. If your notes sell, you will receive a 50% and Nexus takes 50% of the total sale. All payments are made once per month via PayPal. - A global community that connects students with others with supplemental content for exam preparations, assignments and to enhance learning. Notesgen is a content sharing platform that allows college and even high school students to buy and sell academic notes from over 14 different categories.

Share your knowledge and get paid on the site by uploading your study notes, setting a price and get paid every Friday. Notesgen is available on the web and on iOS and Android devices, which makes it easy to access content, anywhere at any time. Notes can be uploaded in doc, docx, pdf, or text format. Handwritten notes can also be uploaded by simply taking a picture with your smartphone.

Payments can be requested at any time and it is transferred directly to your bank account on a weekly basis. Transactions for each sale will be shared between Notesgen and the seller with a 60/40 ratio, sellers get 60%, and Notegens get 40%. - A learning service company, created as a marketplace where students can exchange notes and other user-generated content. Omega Notes provide service to students, teachers, as well as faculty and administrators. It is an excellent platform to create a Residual or passive source of income as a college student.

Documents can be purchased a thousand times by multiple buyers. Many students on Omega Notes have earned hundreds and some even thousands of dollars with just a few uploaded documents. It is easy to get started, just upload any cheat sheets, study guides and any other materials that you created.  You can upload pictures of your notes or a pdf copy. You will immediately get paid via PayPal whenever your notes are purchased. You will receive 70% of the purchase price and 30% transaction fee to Omega Notes. An educational marketplace that helps students around the world to share study resources. Quest Notes is a collaborative platform where students, whether in the US or a foreign country, can help other students and make money by uploading their best study materials.




Earn $0.20 for every uploaded document plus more whenever your content is downloaded. You can withdraw your payments as soon as your balance reaches $10 on your account. Payments are made via PayPal, and there is a 30% service fee on each amount. Quest Notes allows multiple sales on each uploaded document, and you may use your social networking sites to connect with your friends and classmates to increase sales. A platform that makes studying easy, with an extensive collection of video tutorials, study guides and lecture notes created by students. Apply to be an Elite Note Taker at One Class and help others by delivering quality notes, while getting paid.

To become a note taker and to earn extra cash, you must be enrolled in college, have the ability to upload original notes on a weekly basis and a desire to improve your grades and help other college students or those in a technical school. One Class motivates students to attend class and take notes while creating a meaningful impact to make education accessible to everyone and earning rewards for your effort.

Becoming a note taker is free and you can use the OneClass App scanner to upload your handwritten notes or PDF format. The website company does not pay cash. Instead, for every uploaded document, you will earn points which can be redeemed for gifts cards from Starbucks, PayPal, Amazon, WalMart, Domino's, Chipotle, iTunes or a Visa Prepaid Card. - An online learning platform with over 20 million course-specific study resources contributed by educators and students. This provider also has a monthly scholarship contest with awards up to $5,000.

You will not be paid cash at Course Hero for uploading your notes. However, you will earn free access to thousands of study materials and tutor questions. For every ten submitted documents, you will receive five unlocks or 3 free tutor questions. With sufficient credentials, you can apply to be an online tutor at Course Hero and get paid an average of $500 weekly, just for helping students. A peer-to-peer educational learning community in the United States that helps students do well in their courses while saving and making money in college. This company finds notetakers in your school and across the country and pay them to post their material and study guides to help other students. Notes must be posted weekly and four days before exam dates.

Become an elite notetaker at Study Soup, and you can make up $500 per semester. As a paid member of this website, you will receive a letter of recommendation, marketing skills for your professional career and you will be able to your Elite Notetaker at StudySoup as leadership and work experience on your resume. Materials uploaded on Study Soup should be insightful and detailed enough to be useful to classmates.





Notes (regardless of the class or topic) should be organized, easy to read and original. Textbooks, professor materials, assignments, or other party materials will not be accepted. Documents uploaded on StudySoup should be in PDF, or you can use a scanner app on your phone to upload legible handwritten notes. Payments on Study Soup are made 4-5 days via direct deposit or PayPal. All of the material should be uploaded in a consistent manner to increase earning potential. - A marketplace to buy and sell quality notes and essay plans. Oxbridge Notes only accept members from Ivy League Universities. All subject notes are accepted from any English speaking around the world.

The notes and written material should be well crafted, entertaining, thoughtful, original and/or colorful. Oxbridge Notes is one of the best places to sell your study outlines to create a passive income from work that you have already done. As a notetaker on this site, you will keep 72% of the total sale. Average sellers on Oxbridge Notes have earned $250 in exchange for 15 minutes invested time or $1,000 per hour. Earnings depend on the demand of a subject and busy exam time of year.

Payments to sellers from this website are made within the first five days of the month via PayPal. Only standard format files are accepted, and you have the option to remain anonymous, your real name or email address never be displayed. You may choose any username on the website.

There are many online marketplaces, apps, and websites that allow college students to make some extra money. You can sell notes and other material that will provide you some extra cash while at the same time as helping other students learn and succeed.


By Jon McNamara

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