Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organization.

Operating all across the state is the Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organization. The non-profit agency assists low income families, the poor, farm workers, and immigrants. Both emergency assistance may be available as well as information and referrals to programs to get them on track for stability. More details are below, but the agency may be able to help with paying rent, food, offer educational assistance and other financial aid.

The main resource, the emergency assistance program from COFFO, offers low income residents access to several resources. They can include shelter, temporary emergency lodging, funds for paying rent and utility bill help. Other resources are dedicated to emergency transportation, free food vouchers, health care and medical bill assistance.

For farm workers, immigrants and Haitian youth aged between 9 and 14, COFFO offers the following assistance to them. Programs vary by location. It includes:

  • Emergency shelter and temporary emergency housing.
  • A wide and diverse educational opportunities in the form of tutoring, summer and after-school programs for students, field trips, scholarships and introduction to job training programs.
  • Family literacy training and Life skills, such as teen pregnancy advice.
  • As noted above, emergency funds are offered from Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organization.
  • Help with creating budgets and free income tax preparation.
  • Resolution of immigration issues.

Counseling and guidance comes with any aid issued from the Emergency Assistance Program. If funding is available, it provides financial counseling and cash grants to individuals that are facing financial-related difficulties. However at that point people need to attend case management type services. When necessary, experienced, IRS-trained staff helps individuals with preparing tax returns, and that is just one example of a service. The VITA program provides free tax preparation to farm workers, immigrants and low income individuals.

Immigration services from Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations can help poor immigrants and low income farm workers. They can receive what is necessary, including information and technical assistance on matters related to immigration and becoming citizens. Case managers from COFFO also help liaise with INS and when necessary, they will advocate on behalf of the client community.




After school programs from the non-profit provides farm worker youth aged 7 to 19 years with tutorial assistance, academics, after school, self esteem resources and cultural development. Other programs conducts special ESL (English as Second Language) classes. They coordinate state-wide outreach and public education campaigns that aim to educate farm workers and their employers about the federal government law statute regarding anti-discriminatory provisions.

Outpatient counseling and substance abuse provides intensive support to those battling an addition. This is also offered for mental health issues. This is available for adults and families in Florida struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse or that need support. Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide counseling services to adolescents. Help is also offered for adults struggling with issues at home, school or at work.

Work programs from COFFO are key to self-sufficiency. They help new and inexperienced trainees improve their employability by helping them obtain work assignments in public or non-profit employment schemes. A component known as Job Placement is offered by staff who are familiar with the job scenario and hiring techniques of employers. Assistance for clients can make it easier for trainees to land jobs by entering into non-financial contracts with the employment service.




Life skills teach the farm worker about self-sufficiency. They will receive community essential skills that aim to help them make life easier and how to deal with everyday problems. These life skill classes are open to all from the state of Florida, no matter what their age. The Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations partners with other non-profits on this.

Free or low most prescription drugs from the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) is available to all Florida residents. A card, which there is no cost to use, will provide up to 75% off on Rx medication savings at thousands of pharmacies in Florida. Stores such as Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Sav-On, the Winn-Dixie chain, Costco, Target, Kmart, Sweetbay and other participate.

The main Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations offices are below. As noted, resources vary by office. The locations also provide services across all of Florida.

  • 778 West Palm Drive, Florida City, Florida 33034, phone no: (305)246-0357
  • 214 A South 1st Street, Immokalee, FL 34142, (239)657-7272




By Jon McNamara

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