Cleveland County public assistance and human services.

Providing both short and long term public assistance, the Department of Human Services in Cleveland County helps the very low income and working poor. The government also provides assistance to senior citizens as well as the disabled. Some of the resources administered include SNAP food stamps, applications for SSI disability, as well as grants or other public aid for paying energy bills or expenses for the disabled.

While cash assistance may be provided in some cases, the client will also need to participate in some form of job training or placement service as part of this. This is required by DHS in Cleveland County as the aid is a short term solution and is not intended to be a never ending program.

Grants as a form of public assistance

Parents that are working part or full time, and that are in job training, can receive help for child care costs. There is also assistance provided to residents of Cleveland County that are enrolled into TANF. In either case, government funds can be used to pay a portion of the bills incurred, if the client meets other programs terms.

Cash assistance is available from TANF, which was formerly known as welfare. The Department of Human Services will arrange for the individual to participate in job training, and while that occurs, grants may be issued as part of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

The public funds can only be used for paying certain bills, and that may include rent, health care costs, transportation, or some of those other expenses that can lead to employment. Social workers will also partner with the beneficiary on locating a job and acquiring the skills needed in today's competitive economy. TANF will also often be combined with other government benefits, ranging from medical care to SNAP food stamps.

Low income families, with a focus on senior citizens as well as the disabled, can get help with paying electric bills. The main resource available is LIHEAP, and federal government grants are used for keeping power on. This is also often run in partnership with community action agencies as well.

Free legal aid is available in Cleveland County. This is offered in partnership with the Agency on Aging office, and is for senior citizens over the age of 60. The program can offer advice on everything from applying to public benefits to nursing home care and other support.




Some of the other main cash programs include SSI disability, the state of Oklahoma Aged, Blind and Disabled program, and Refugee Assistance. All of these can provide short term financial aid.

Food programs in Cleveland County

The Department of Human Services can enroll families into SNAP food stamps. This is a public program that helps pay for groceries, canned goods, and other food items. Using an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card, the family or individual can shop at any one of hundreds of stores in Cleveland County or Norman, and SNAP will help pay for a portion of their bill.

This is combined with other forms of support as well, mostly around education and classes on nutrition. The state and county want all families to be healthy, prepare meals properly, and get the support they need.

There are other options in the county, and they include free school lunches for children, summer snacks, and surplus USDA government commodities. All of these are combined in an effort to help the working poor and low income in the county.

Public health care

Discounted prescription drugs are available. This is an option both in Cleveland County as well as across the state of Oklahoma. It is often combined with other resources, such as SoonerCare or related programs.




Medicaid, or SoonerCare, is the main Cleveland County resource for the disadvantaged and uninsured. This will help the very low income pay for any needed medical bills, and the DHS in the county can also offer information on Medicare Part D or the Health Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program. So there are many public assistance resource for residents that are struggling and meet low income guidelines.

There are a few other government medical assistance programs that are paid for using public sources, and they can help ensure the low income get the treatment and care they need. Residents can look into TEFRA, or Health Care for Children with Disabilities, or TEFRA. This is for children that are disabled.

The main Human Service centers in the county are below. Staff can provide information on other government benefits as well.

  • 2507 N. Shields Blvd., Moore, Oklahoma 73160-3305, main phone (405) 912-2000
  • Address is 31 E. Robinson, Norman, OK 73071-6616. Call (405) 573-8300




By Jon McNamara

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