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Working to break the cycle of poverty is the non-profit Clermont County Community Services. While referrals and various resources are available from the agency, the focus is on dental and medical care, energy bill assistance, and conservation measures. However the non-profit community action agency also partners with other churches and charities in the greater Clermont County and Batavia Ohio area.

Energy and heating bill programs in Clermont

E-HEAP - Emergency Home Energy Assistance is available during the fall, winter, and early spring months. The federal government program, which Clermont County Community Services processes applications for, can assist an income qualified household and offer them a onetime cash grant for their heating or gas bills. It can pay for natural gas, gas, oil, wood, and other fuel types too.

The applicant needs to be almost out of fuel or facing a disconnection of their utility or heating service. Any grants from E-HEAP are limited and depend on those factors, including the applicant’s income levels. Clients also will need to meet all Federal Government Income guidelines and provide required documents to qualify.

While more limited, there may be some funds to help pay summer utility and air conditioning bills. When it is available, clients can receive one time funds to pay air conditioner or electric bills. Some applicants may just receive a free fan from the CCCSI community action agency.

The Summer Crisis program will also only help those families with a household member 60 years or older or someone with a medical condition that can be certified by a doctor. For more details, the summer program can be reached at (513) 732-2277.

The Ohio Department of Development can also provide the E-HEAP application in Clermont County. If someone is found to be eligible for help, the amount of your grant paid out will depend on federal government funding levels, total household income, how many people live with you and the primary fuel you use to heat your home.

Energy conservation is available from the weatherization program. This is made available to low income qualifying citizens, seniors, and the disabled of Clermont County Ohio that rent or own their homes. It is designed to help people from the county save money and use less energy. At the same time this occurs, they are also increasing the comfort and safety of their home.




As part of weatherization, an energy evaluation is completed by Clermont County Community Services on the applicant’s home to determine the most cost effective weatherization services that can be done to it. The following are a list of the updates provided by the Weatherization Program. Income limits are in place. Call 1-800-282-0880.

Clermont County homeowners can benefit from Insulation of attics, reduction of air leakage from major sources, tune-up/repair of heating unit, Insulation of floors, water tanks, and heating ducts in some instances.

Additional services from CCCSI, including medical and housing

Pediatric medical services will provide help in the form of well child care. It does basic checkups, checks health levels, and more. Dental care is offered too. This is for newborns and young children. Some of what is administered includes preventative treatments, like sealants and fluoride, dental cleanings, reduce the need for complex treatment later and more. The services are provided from a community action partner agency that is located at 3003 Hospital Drive, Batavia, Ohio 45103. Call 732-2277.

A shelter is operated by Clermont County Community Services (CCCSI). The center is open for any homeless persons in the county and nearby towns. Along with a place to stay, free meals are provided along with other services such as laundry.




Guests must also be seeking, and be placed into employment within one week. If a person is eligible and waiting on government benefits from social security, workers comp, or disability, they are exempt from finding employment. Case Management services from the non-profit community action agency are also provided to assist clients with setting goals and obtaining housing. Call 513-732-6464.

Financial Assistance is available for housing needs. When someone is exiting the shelter referenced above, then at that time Clermont County Community Services can pay out funds or help clients apply for a grant to pay for rent and/or security deposits.

Other support, referrals, and resources are offered by the non-profit Clermont County Community Services. The location is 3003 Hospital Drive, Batavia, OH 45103. Call (513) 735-8802.



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