Clackamas County St. Vincent de Paul programs.

Some of the clients of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul include the unemployed, working poor, and homeless. The Clackamas County based agency, which relies on private and public funding sources, will try to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community. Staff also offer confidential advice, or direct families to a wide variety of emergency assistance programs. The Case Manager or volunteer from a local church will contact the clients to refer them to other agencies for some form of assistance.

Help for seniors

Seniors citizens can receive support from the agency. Volunteers will provide them information on various services in the region, some of which are offered by St. Vincent de Paul and some by other agencies. Examples are as follows.

  • Chore services – Using volunteers, this program was designed to assist the elderly with daily home maintenance tasks. There can be maintenance, such as caulking windows & doors, mowing, screen repair, and the like.
  • Medical care – Information on, and help in applications for Medicare and programs such as Part D.
  • Meals on wheels delivers low cost, or free meals to elderly homebound clients across Clackamas County. It offers them a health mealy as well as visitor to check up on them.
  • Priority from St. Vincent de Paul in applying for public benefits such as LIHEAP or weatherization for utility bills.
  • Recreational activities are arranged at senior centers, such as classes or local trips.
  • Christmas assistance and visitors to a home.

Addressing the needs of the elderly is a priority. The above listing is just some of what is available. Staff can direct clients to many other programs as well, if they are needed.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Clackamas County programs for preventing homelessness

The low income, when faced with a crisis, can seek help. Once again, some aid is offered directly by St. Vincent, and other resources, such as applications to LIHEAP, are run in partnership with other non-profits. The assistance is for individuals who are meet income guidelines, are financially needy and meet the funding criteria.




  • The Persons In Need program is a tool that is used to offer clients a one time grant or some other form of temporary financial assistance.
  • Emergency funds can be issued for back rent as part of emergency solution grants, as funding allows.
  • Grants can be used for heating or utility bills.
  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul run shelters or transitional housing in Clackamas County can assist the homeless.
  • Some clients are given no interest loans for paying housing expenses.
  • Emergency Electric is for customers who are past due and unable to pay their utility bill.

Any type of financial help is very limited and comes with restrictions. In most cases, the money is issued directly to the landlord or their energy company, and not to the applicant. So terms of St. Vincent will vary.

Additional services from the society

Other resources are arranged by St. Vincent de Paul. This will help prevent hunger to address medical needs of the working poor. Other services will prioritize the disabled in Clackamas County.

  • Free food from pantries om Oregon County and across the county will address and prevent hunger.
  • Clothing Closets are operated on a year round basis as clothing and other items become available. In some cases, items such as household goods or personal hygiene items are made available.
  • Weatherization Program applications and Energy Education Courses will give homeowners the knowledge they need to save money on their energy bills.
  • Vouchers for prescription medications and referrals to clinics.

St. Vincent de Paul of Clackamas County Immigrants Services can provide medical, educational, nutritional and other social services that will meet the needs of the immigrant population across the region. This is designed to encourage farm workers and newcomers to Clackamas County to maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families by addressing crises early on. It is available even if the applicant is facing economical challenges.





Most of the aid is provided by St. Vincent de Paul in conjunction with other non-profit agencies programs and services that service the migrant population when necessary. Some of the assistance for immigrants includes housing assistance, utility bill payment assistance, vehicle repairs & inspections, eye exams and more.

Mediation services is a process in which an impartial third party assists the clients in any type of dispute they are faced with. Whether it is eviction or something else, the goal is to help them resolve their differences without going to court. The process is confidential and it allows the individuals to communicate their problem with the other party to find a solution. It is generally free, and can help clients find an agreement.

The main goal of the society is to help the elderly, handicapped, and economically disadvantaged avert a crisis and regain self-sufficiency. For more details, call the non-profit at 503-235-8431.



By Jon McNamara

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