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Various churches in Pasco County Florida make up CCS - Christian Social Services. They focus most of their support in the central part of the county. Clients ranging from the poor to homeless, unemployed, low income, migrant workers, and destitute turn to the charity based agency for help.

While there may on occasion be financial help, such as for cooling or energy bills, most of the support is in the form of food, clothing, hospitality, and similar services. There also run a “back to school supply” program as well as provide free Christmas gifts or meals. More details are below on the services run by Christian Social Services.

Everyone from children to retirees living on a fixed income to the unemployed can use the Christian Social Services voucher system. This is when the charity will allow the client to shop, or pick up, what they need from one of the many programs available. Whether it is using the food pantry, the clothing closet, or the thrift store, many resources are available.

Most people need to pay some money for what they need, especially when using the thrift store. However for a select few (such as the groups identified), they may be given what they need for free. Or they can enroll into the other special services, such as Christmas gifts program, Thanksgiving or holiday meals, and free warm winter jackets.

This is what CCS does for the central Pasco County community. They help families in a crisis. While of course not everyone will qualify, and the resources do run out, there are in fact hundreds of people that get some type of aid per year. Whether that is food, warm clothes, maybe a car seat for their newborn, or some other stuff, assistance is available. Or find other items for free.

Emergency food pantry – This CCS service is dependent on the generous donations from the community as well as volunteers from the churches that are part of the group. In addition to that, Feeding America also provide administrative support as well as donations to the center.





Groceries, soup, dairy, fruits, and more is available from many local sources. There are even farmers markets that offer assistance to the pantry. Using these sources of funding and donations, both public and private, allows the charity to feed hundreds of families per year. Staff can also direct the client to other safety net programs.

Through the holiday program, needy families (those with children or a senior member in the home) can select Christmas gifts for each member of their household. The goods are provided to clients free of charge. With this program, CCS aims to alleviate crises and help clients celebrate the holidays.  Volunteers help the charity organize and administer the Christmas assistance program.

Some residents “adopt” or they will sponsor a child, teenager, parent or senior citizen, providing new, unused gifts for the person they choose to sponsor. Everything is accepted by Christian Social Services. Some community members make financial contributions and others supply the agency with gifts cards and new clothes and toys for children of all ages.

There are two other ways in which CCS may be able to assist a client. From time to time, based on funding at the individual churches, they may have a few dollars for paying critical expenses. One of these would be energy bills. Or in lieu of financial aid, free fans may be given out from the thrift store to help a family stay cool. Referrals are also available to local shelters, rent programs, and more.

Christian Social Services may also be able to provide some school supplies to kids, including the poor or immigrants. This is mostly done from the clothing closet referenced above. But this type of support is limited and only for qualified families in Central Pasco County.

For more details on Christian Social Services, the address is 5514 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Land O' Lakes, FL 34639. Call them at (813) 995-0088 for a helping hand.



By Jon McNamara

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