Christian Care Center assistance programs.

In an effort to help families living in poverty, travelers, and people in a financial crisis, the Christian Care Center of Fort Payne Alabama is a church based group. They offer assistance regardless of religion. Everything from a food bank to soup kitchen as well as emergency financial aid is offered.

Not only will the charity try to help families that live in DeKalb County, but they even help travelers or individuals that are stranded. Anyone that lives in the region, or that is staying for a short period of time, can apply for help. They will need to meet income and other guidelines though in order to get assistance.

Christian Care Center provides food assistance in various ways to individuals and families seeking help. There is a pantry, in which free canned or fresh food is given on a per family basis, not a per individual basis. This ensure the entire household can get support. Groceries or even goods such as diapers from the on-site food bank are provided once a month.

The charity also gives clients a Holiday Food Basket in either November or December for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This will help a family in DeKalb County Alabama celebrate the holiday.

Other goods are also available from the on site pantry or soup kitchen. Groceries passed out will tend to be non-perishable items such as dry goods. When possible, a client may also get household paper products, free baby formula or food. There may also be diapers for free to low income parents. This will help newborns and their parents with their needs. They may also have fresh produce once a week if it’s available.

Family - Emergency Services is available on a case-by-case basis. It is mostly for people who are faced with a short term, unexpected financial crisis and that need short term relief. A combination of applications to grants or no interest loans can help families maintain their residence (such as rent or mortgage), access medications, get free food from a pantry referenced above, receive transportation to work while waiting on a paycheck, and other aid.

This service also requires clients to have and stay on track with an action plan. Christian Care Center churches will require this so long term situation of the family will be improved. All of these resources will hopefully help prevent homelessness in the community.





Emergency aid also extends to “travelers”. This can include the homeless that are passing through to get to family in another part of Alabama, or it can cover other scenarios too. Those may be someone who car broke down and needs it to be fixed or someone that ran out of money and needs a bus pass. Christian Care Center will try to arrange lodging in a local hotel or shelter for these individuals.

Christian Care Center drop in center – The Fort Payne location is free to use. It offers basic services and assistance to the area's homeless population, including free hot meals, use of showers, free computers for job searching, laundry facilities, substance abuse counseling, telephone facilities for clients looking for work, and referrals to community resources including LIHEAP electric bill assistance.

Clients can be in poverty or homeless. Those are some of the basic services arranged. Additional amenities include free Hygiene kits as well as information on Reunification opportunities. If and when needed, people can be enrolled into mental health services or learn how to apply for disability too.

Jobseekers can get clothing. There may be suits for interviews, hospital scrubs, steel-toed boots, business casual attire, and so on. All referrals for this program must be approved by local DeKalb County County Assistance offices.

The Workwear Program furnishes qualified clients with free professional, business casual and job-specific clothing. Everything provided from is appropriate for interviews, work, school, classes or training, or other employment-related activities.




As noted, various churches are part of Christian Care Center. For details on their services, including the drop in center, the address is 2000 Watkins Ave NE, Fort Payne, AL 35967. Dial (256) 845-2546.


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