Chattanooga Salvation Army assistance programs.

The non-profit Salvation Army can provide services in Chattanooga Tennessee, including the counties of Hamilton and Marion. Emergency assistance can be offered. Other support is for basic needs such as food, clothing, and similar household type goods. Call to make an appointment to apply or meet with a case manager.

The local Family Store is open to the general public in Chattanooga and surrounding towns, regardless of income, religion, or financial means. The center collects donated furniture, clothing, household goods and other items. It will then resell them to the public at low cost, affordable prices. Or some people who meet low income limits can get the goods for free. Some examples of the gently-used items for sale include Electronics, Clothing and Shoes, Furniture, School Supplies, Household Items, Sports Equipment, and even Games. Any money raised by the Salvation Army Family Stores is used to pay for programs (such as pantry and employment counseling) and provide cash to the needy for their bills.

When faced with a man made or natural disaster, the Salvation Army, including the Hamilton County location, is certified by federal, state and local governments across the country as a sanctioned assistance and disaster relief organization. No matter the state or the event, the Salvation Army is one of the first agencies to respond when either man made or natural disaster strikes. Volunteers and Salvation Army volunteers and officers can distribute shelter, food, clothing, maybe monetary aid and of course spiritual comfort. Mobile kitchens are also usually rolled out in the community, and these are a welcome sight to firemen, policemen and victims alike.

In the Chattanooga area, the Salvation Army operates a canteen, mobile kitchen, and other units during a disaster or crisis. Staff will offer meals, water, hydration and comfort for both relief workers and disaster victims. In addition, the units may have clean-up kits, food, bottled water and various donated goods.

Holiday programs are offered. The Salvation Army tries to ensure everyone has holiday joy, so they do their best to share the wonder of God's love with those who are less fortunate every holiday season, including children and senior citizens. Being able to celebrate holiday customs, even during difficult economic times, may provide a sense of relief and peace to those who are struggling. So the Salvation Army of Hamilton County will offer the cheer of Christmas blessings while helping clients meet their basic needs.




Maybe more so than other resources, this program depends on volunteers and donations. They will provide clothing, Christmas dinners and toys for individuals and/or families in need. Sometimes around the holidays extra financial assistance may be paid out. This can help pay for basic necessities like rent, food, utilities and shelter. Another need is for volunteers to distribute gifts and holiday cheer to shut-ins in Chattanooga nursing homes and shelters.

The Angel Tree Program can distribute items such as Christmas gifts. These can be provided for disadvantaged children from infants to age 12. It also assists seniors citizens in Tennessee who are 60 years and older. The Angel Trees are placed in area stores, malls, or post offices during the first part of November.

Each Angel tree that is set up in the community will have the child's gender, age, clothing sizes and toy wishes. Members from Hamilton and Cleveland County select an "angel” from the tree, need to purchase the identified items for that child or senior. Then the Salvation Army will ensure the goods get to the child.

The ReCreate Café will provide a safe haven for the homeless during the day when shelters are closed. It can provide free Beverages and Snacks, Vocational Assistance, Seasonal Clothing and Shoes, Personal Care Items, and even Employment Counseling and access to Job Referrals.

Medical Care is also offered in the Hamilton County shelters and/or ReCreate Café. If any residents of the facilities have medical issues, the staff and maybe volunteers can assist them with making and attending doctor appointments, providing a place for prescription medications and assisting with their safe use.

Emergency financial assistance may be offered by the Chattanooga Salvation Army. Any money that is to be paid out is intended to help families and individuals survive a short term financial crisis situation with dignity and pride. Among other things, the Salvation Army is motivated by the love of God, so they do what they can. Case management is offered too in an effort to empower and enable those in need to overcome the challenges and change their circumstances that stand in their way. Financial assistance programs can provide for Share the Warmth (Cold Weather Warming Program), Food and Clothing Assistance, Utility Bill Assistance, Help with Medication Payments, and Beat the Heat (Summer Heat Relief). Or if they do not have funding then referrals may be offered.





The Salvation Army and the Beat the Heat program can help people during the scorching Tennessee summers. It's the poor and elderly who usually suffer from the heat the most. Hot weather can bring on both high electric bills and increased food costs, and both of these expenses can put an unavoidable burden on needy families.

Summer Heat Relief Services can offer Hamilton and Cleveland County families with free electric fans, emergency utility bill assistance and other financial help to meet utility payments. Also look into grocery boxes to help feed hungry families. Other resources include a Cooling Station for the Homeless. The ReCreate Café is another option.

The primary Salvation Army centers in the region are.

The Salvation Army Social Services Ministry, 2140 East 28th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37407, 423-305-6200

The Cleveland Corps and Social Services, 437 Inman Street, Cleveland, TN 37311, phone number is 423-308-3467




By Jon McNamara

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