Charlotte foreclosure prevention programs and agencies.

There are several non-profit agencies, HUD approved counselors, and government programs that can help Charlotte North Carolina homeowners deal with a foreclosure filing. Most of the resources are offered at no-charge to qualified individuals. Other foreclosure prevention programs may have a very minimal cost. Get details on the Charlotte mortgage delinquency offerings below.

Non-profit agencies in Charlotte

United Family Services, which is located on 601 East Fifth Street in Charlotte and can be reached at 704.332.9034, helps people who have been hit by an unexpected financial crisis, and has a number of specific programs for families and individuals who are victims of abuse and/or domestic violence violence or are touched by an emotional challenges. Work with a credit, foreclosure or housing counselor to access the following.

  • Foreclosure advice, including mortgage delinquency, default resolution, and loss mitigation services.
  • Budgeting, money planning and management education.
  • Speak to a counselor from Charlotte based United Family Services to enter into a Debt Management Program
  • Pre/post rental counseling
  • Rental delinquency advice and landlord/tenant problems
  • Pre-purchase homeownership counseling and access to loan interest loans
  • Post-purchase homeownership counseling
  • Reverse equity mortgage counseling

Alliance Credit Counseling offers about 10 different types of assistance and support programs to the needy. Among them include bankruptcy counseling, mortgage delinquency advice, credit repair, debt reduction solutions, budget advice, home buyer education, foreclosure counseling, reverse mortgage advice, and information on government programs.





Specifically, Charlotte and Mecklenburg area homeowners can get help dealing with a foreclosure. Counselors will meet with the homeowner in person to discuss solutions to their personal housing crisis. Services are offered free of charge. The HUD certified counselors will go over the options that might be available to the client. They will collect documentation that will allow the individual to better understand their financial situation, and review of variety of mortgage and foreclosure programs, including those that are offered by the federal government and the state of North Carolina. Contact Alliance at 1-888-594-9554

If you need free legal advice, which is always very useful when dealing with a foreclosure, call Charlotte based Legal Services of Southern Piedmont. Phone 704-971-2622. Attorneys from the law firm will meet with homeowners to offer foreclosure defense, home financing, predatory lending and mortgage service disputes, and they also offer advice for dealing with chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, with the goal of  preserving home ownership and home equity of Charlotte and other NC families.

North Carolina also offers a State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project. Dial 1-866-234-4857. What this program does is put you into touch with a HUD approved housing counseling agencies across Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and also the great North Carolina area, all of which provide free services.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership offers the N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund, which is a mortgage assistance program that is offered through the N.C. Housing Finance Agency. The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund makes mortgage payments for unemployed workers across the state. Dial 704-343-4692

Other HUD certified housing counseling agencies in Charlotte North Carolina include Clearpoint Financial Solutions, Inc. (877-877-1995), Grace-Mar Services, Inc. (704-909-6041), and Community Link (704-943-9517).




All of these various free or low cost non-profit HUD certified agencies and resources listed above help thousands of Charlotte North Carolina homeowners every year get back on track with their mortgage payments and stop foreclosures.

By Jon McNamara

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