Programs from the Center of Hope.

While short term, emergency assistance may be provided by the Center of Hope, the non-profit also works with individuals to find long term solutions to their issue. The location also serves many parts of Sedgwick County and some of what may be available includes emergency rent and utility bill assistance. Funds can also be used to help keep a households heat on during the winter months. Note that the demand for their services and programs are very high.

The center has been operating for over 20 years and provides financial aid to individuals that don’t qualify for any other government resources or social service programs. So this means that maybe a slightly more moderate income family can qualify if they are faced with some type of one time crisis. Applicants need to have explored all other programs though before the Center of Hope may be able to help.

When possible, the Wichita Center of Hope provides short term or one time emergency rent and utility assistance. The funds are targeted at those families that are in danger of being evicted from their homes or having their utility service disconnected. Typically, hundreds of families from Sedgwick County Kansas may be able to receive help. The programs administered cover a 15-mile radius of Wichita and the county. In addition, qualified clients will receive on-going case management for long-term solutions to those with special needs.

People in need can get referrals by a case manager. Or they can call and stop by the center as indicated below. Once again, aid is for people with an eviction or disconnection notice.

The case management services offered are very important. They will help families gain long term stability, employment, and support. A key resource available is for Budgeting and Financial Management. Staff from the Wichita Kansas Center of Hope provide long term case management services that include life skills counseling, credit repair, information on job training and support to become self-sufficient. A key to being able to pay the bills on your own in the future is to get control of your financial situation.

Programs are intended to be a holistic person-centered program with a primary focus on overcoming issues and barriers that pertain to education, employment and financial literacy. If it is needed, then participants of the center may in fact remain in the case management program for up to two years as long as they are making progress towards longer term self-sufficiency.





The center will also often be able to provide referrals to both government benefits and non-profit programs. So people from the Sedgwick County region can learn about job training and employment opportunities, how to apply for unemployment, and similar services. For example, there are a number of federal government funded one stop job centers in the state that residents can use for training, employment workshops, and more.

The demand for their resources and advice is very high, especially with the challenging economy. If you are unable to obtain an appointment at the Center of Hope by phone on Mondays, and you have an utility shut-off or eviction notice in hand, then the agency does allow walk ins appointments on Tuesday. Documentation and support will be needed to schedule appointments, in which full documentation of your condition and hardship is required and reviewed.

There can be lines of people either calling on the phone or waiting in line to access the center, so be early and persistent. On Mondays, the number to call is 316-267-0222.




By Jon McNamara

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