Help from Center for the Pacific Asian Family programs.

Women and children who are survivors of domestic violence can get help from Center for the Pacific Asian Family. The Los Angeles County based nonprofit agency provides various forms of assistance to both Asian and Pacific Islander families, and they not only want to ensure the individual is safe, but they also help them regain stability.

Housing solutions from CPAF

An emergency shelter has been established for people living under the constant threat of domestic or sexual violence. This shelter owned by CPAF is a confidential and safe facility designed to help move women, young single moms and children from crisis mode to creating an action plan for safety and stability.

While the resources available will vary by client, most people have an average stay of up to several weeks in order to establish a new foundation from which to live. Within this period of time women are provided for with basic needs. The Center for the Pacific Asian Family will give them clothing, free food, personal items and much more. It is combined with counseling and education services, and the goal is to assist people in reestablishing their lives.

There is a transitional housing facility for women and children who want to live in a home free of abuse or violence. Additional opportunities will also be available for those individuals that are seeking to move from an emergency shelter to a long-term, permanent home environment. This transitional shelter is available for up to two years.

To those that qualify, full time childcare is available to free up survivors time and their income so they can enroll in school or seek employment. In terms of education, tuition is included for community colleges or vocational schools to establish skills for employment in the job market. Tutoring, math sessions and ESL classes are available to help break down language barriers. Another benefit is it will establish fluency in English for future employment opportunities.

In addition, this transitional housing unit from CPAF continues to provide counseling and individual case management to survivors. Ultimately, this will lead them to establish a safe, secure and happy home life while emphasizing independence and  higher self-esteem.




Advice and guidance

Within the education services coordinated by CPAF are workshops that teach and guide women toward independence. There are also wellness programs held by teachers which focus on self esteem and personal strength to help women and their children if applicable heal from domestic abuse.

No matter what is offered, children are also included in using these services for their recovery. One main reason this is done is to hopefully end the cycle of domestic violence as they reach adulthood. So children of the Asian family will participate in all programs.

Case management from Center for the Pacific Asian Family, also known as non-residential services, can help survivors gain stability. Staff will partner with them on establishing action plans and goals for the future. Education and prevention are key components with an emphasis on identifying root causes and triggers of domestic violence.

Once admitted to the case management program, the survivor will be appointed an advocate with contact made within one week's time. These professional staff members provide a wide range of services including domestic violence education or emotional support in one to one sessions or by phone, assistance with legal services such as restraining orders or child custody, and access to public assistance and government benefits like CalWorks or other appropriate agencies. In addition, advocacy when appropriate will be provided from Pacific Asian Family on the client's behalf via telephone or written correspondence.

Many other programs are available in Los Angeles County. Travel services may be arranged via bus tokens, taxi vouchers, or other options. For example, if a CPAF advocate feels safe doing so, they may undertake driving the client themselves. Free motel vouchers are available for those in imminent danger that need an immediate safe and secure form of shelter to stay in for a night or so. Lastly, Safe at Home gives women their own mailbox to use.





For more information, call the 24-Hour Multi-Lingual Hotline at 1-800-339-3940 or CPAF’s confidential hotline. Counselors are on call and they are waiting to assist those seeking relief and help from domestic violence and assault. All services are free of charge and they are kept strictly confidential.

As part of this process, when speaking with a counselor, a survivor will be provided with an immediate action plan and ongoing support if and when needed. Community resources across Los Angeles are available, and clients will be provided to help push through cultural issues and the isolation that occurs when dealing with domestic violence.

Other locations of Center for the Pacific Asian Family are as follows.

  • Community Center is at 1102 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019
  • Administrative Office, 543 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Gardena Office address is 14112 S. Kingsley Drive, Room 13A, Gardena, California 90249



By Jon McNamara

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