Casa Del Carmen assistance programs.

While the focus of the Casa Del Carmen Family Service Center is on assisting Latino's in the County of Philadelphia, others can contact the non-profit too. They will not discriminate based on race, age, religion, or other factors. Whether it is emergency financial aid, basic needs such as food or clothing, ESL classes, or access to social services, the center may assist.

Any financial aid from Casa Del Carmen Family Service is fairly unique it that it not only attempts to address the immediate crisis around hunger, homelessness, or unemployment, but the applicant, in particular Latinos, will also be given the skills and support they need for long-term financial stability.

One resource in Philadelphia County, the homelessness prevention program, may offer emergency help with everything from a portion of a mortgage payment to utilities, medications and free food from a pantry. As noted, this all comes with case management and financial education classes.

Cash assistance is very limited. It is only provided if all conditions are met, including but not limited to, the applicant is a resident of Philadelphia County. If the request is for rent help, then they need a legal eviction notice. Those seeking funds for paying utility bills also need a disconnection notice. Limited financial aid may be offered for mortgage assistance on occasion, but the homeowner will need a foreclose notice from their lender. Also, anyone applying for help from Casa Del Carmen Family Service needs to have a verifiable source of future income that proves they can pay the bills and housing on their own in the future.

Casa Del Carmen Family Service also have a multiple part financial management class. It will teach participants, in particular immigrants such as Latinos that may be new the the country, how to set realistic financial goals, acquire better money management skills, and more. Sessions also help with budgeting, reducing monthly expenses and debt, and credit score repair.

Casa Del Carmen caregiver resources is available for a low cost, or for free in some cases. The support is for people caring for a family member that is ill or dying. This can be a very difficult time, so the agency is there to assist when possible. The agency wants to help seniors Age in Place.

There are both caregiver support groups and individual sessions to help people understand what their loved ones are going through. They can be referred to the resources they need, whether it is for medical issues, legal aid, or something else. Many Latinos that are new to the area may not know of these, so it can often be beneficial. Counseling will also help the caregiver deal with the decisions that need to be made. Sessions are held throughout the year at the main office.




Family development services from Casa Del Carmen Family Service are designed to reduce poverty by making families more capable. The non-profit helps adult family members develop the basic skills necessary to find and secure steady employment or improve credit. There is also referrals to education for Latinos, such as GEDs programs and more.

The center provides many family development services and collaborates with other community organizations to coordinate resources to support family self-sufficiency.

The agency helps jobless or underemployed adult clients further their education and training, search and prepare for employment, and access placement services. People also receive assistance in developing a sharper financial acumen. As this process is time-consuming and may be expensive, a number of supportive services are available to the family as they work towards stability. Casa Del Carmen Family Service may be able to offer transportation, child care while they are in training and placement in better housing.

Workshops are offered on related subjects, such as addressing teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, homelessness, AIDS, domestic violence and personal finance. Clients of Casa Del Carmen Family Service are also encouraged to participate in community organizations in order to improve the communities in which they live. Eligibility for family development services is based on income guidelines set by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Casa Del Carmen offers a full array of wrap-around services to help struggling residents gain greater self-sufficiency and even employment. As part of the charities mission, they offer a number of employment-related programs and services in Philadelphia including assistance with resume creation, employment searches, and job interview preparation.




Other workshops may be focused on Latinos in the city and county. They can sign up for ESL classes, or use the food pantry for groceries that they may be more familiar with. There can also be help in getting documents or certificates for immigration for certain countries, such as Puerto Rico.

While anyone can get help, Casa Del Carmen does have limited resources. The address is 4400 North Reese Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140. Call 215-329-5660 for intake.


By Jon McNamara

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