Assistance and services from Carver County Love Inc.

Love Inc. coordinates resources in Carver County and the eastern portion of the region in an effort to help low income families. The charity focuses on addressing basic needs and providing referrals. Volunteers and others from the community can offer food, clothing, diapers, and more. For those that need emergency financial assistance, referrals may be available from the Love Clearinghouse service.

Car repairs may be provided by C.A.R.E., or the Community Auto Repair Effort. The automobile usually needs to be used for work related reasons, and the applicant needs to be out of options. Normally the mechanic will not provide parts, but only the labor. The service is offered by companies such as Theis Auto Repair, Lehman’s Garage, Bobby & Steve’s Auto World, Arboretum Tire & Auto, and Auto Pros of Chaska.

Another transportation program is Wheels of Hope, which is run by the Love INC Clearinghouse. This may offer a low cost or free ride to doctor visits, important appointments, or a local food shelf.

Free diapers and baby supplies are offered at the Living Christ Lutheran Church Ministry. This is for young families, single moms, and the very low income. Churches may have free wipes, diapers, and similar items. St. Hubert Catholic Church may pass out cribs and mattresses, infant, baby and toddler car seats, and other needed items for new, low income parents in Carver County.

Furniture and household supplies, including beds, are part of Build-A-Bed. Valley Evangelical Free Church can both assemble, and train others on, building a bed. Love Inc. will also coordinate delivery of them when complete. Supplies are offered by St. Victoria Catholic Church. Basic goods such as toilet bowl cleaner, free paper towels, trash bags, sponges, and all-purpose sprays are available.

Food to Fight Hunger will provide groceries and meals, with a focus on children and the elderly in the county. Love Inc. coordinates this among local pantries, volunteers and soup kitchens.

In addition to the food above, Love Inc. of eastern Carver will coordinate a free Community Thanksgiving Dinner. This is done by the St. Johns Lutheran Church and other partners. A warm welcome and delicious holiday meal is served by volunteers to anyone in the community. Other Christmas gifts and meals may be served from nearby Carver churches.




Small appliances such as kitchen items or vacuums are offered. Kitchen Essentials is run by a partner known as The River Church. It may have cookware, silverware, dishes, cups, small appliances (such as a microwave) and more. Vac Valet has free vacuums, and these are at Lake Auburn Moravian Church. Similar to above is Loads of Love, which is run by Westbrook Community Church. For their washers or dryers, low income families may receive fabric sheets, laundry detergent, or soaps.

Dental care is part of a Mobile Clinic in eastern Carver County Minnesota. This is hosted by Christ Victorious Lutheran Church and is run in partnership with Medical Teams International. The uninsured and very low income may receive free basic dental care or cleanings from hygienists and dentists.

Personal care items are part of the Personal Care With Love Ministry. This is run by Bethel Fellowship and Mount Olivet Lutheran Church West. Some of what may be passed out includes feminine products, razors, shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, and supplies like those.

Seniors and the elderly may get basic needs and chores done from the Love Inc. Saturday Connection program. Volunteers from several churches can help with basic tasks for the older population. This can also benefit the disabled.




St. Hubert Catholic Church & School runs the Birthday Shelf program for kids. For that special occasion, children may receive free paper plates, napkins, hats, cups, cake mix, a gift card, party favors and a small present.

Clothing and school supplies are offered by the Linen Closet and the School Locker. These programs are hosted by Chaska Moravian Church as well as Discovery United Methodist. There can be items such as new or used blankets, winter coats, wash cloths, hats, sheets, towels, boots and shoes. Many volunteers from Discovery United Methodist Church will also provide free notebooks and school supplies too.

For more information on Love and the programs in Carver County, the hotline can be reached at (952) 448-3261. Or the main address is 1600 Bavaria Road, Chaska, Minnesota 55318.




By Jon McNamara

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