Carson City and Douglas County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Salvation Army volunteers and staff serve the working poor as well as vulnerable in Carson City and across neighboring Douglas County Nevada. Assistance programs provide food to combat hunger, shelter or security deposit help for the homeless, and many other services in an effort to break a cycle of poverty as well as hunger. A focus is on youth as well, and this is when the church arranges after school care as well as recreational activities.

Since the center is limited in resources as well as geographic area covered, they can only do so much. Like all Salvation Army centers, this location relies heavily on donations from the community. Whether it is a United Way grant program to help pay rent or for housing, or toys for kids at Christmas, these contributions are critical to the success of the charity.

Basic needs of food, housing and shelter

Everyone needs to eat and needs a place to live. This is where the Carson City Salvation Army really steps up to help the community. There are a few ways they do this, and it includes funds for paying utility bills or shelter in Douglas County, free food from a pantry, and many other programs. When it come to hunger prevention, the free food pantry offer groceries, baby formula, and other household supplies. Find additional ways to apply for free grant money.

When it comes to housing needs, the charity work with nearby churches. Partners in Carson City and Douglas include St. Teresa's Catholic, Saint Peter's Episcopal, Capital Christian, St. Paul's Lutheran, Connected Church of the Nazarene, the United Methodist and others. The aid ranges from temporary shelter to transitional housing (if the applicant has a referral from a local school district).

Carson City as well as Douglas County Salvation Army emergency rental assistance is available on occasion as well. The grant based program will be used to keep a disabled person, family, single mom or a senior citizen from being evicted. So it is a form of homeless prevention.

As part of any rent or energy bill help, the client needs to work with the Salvation Army on creating a permanent plan to stability. As any grant is a hand-up and not a hand-put. No residents should rely on receiving recurring financial help.





Additional Salvation Army Services in Carson City

A big focus is on helping the youth. So there are multiple ways in how this is done. There is of course the fairly common summer camp. This will be a low cost option for parents for their kids, and they will have a safe place to go to.

Students in 5th grade or younger can turn to the Latchey Program. The Douglas County Nevada Salvation Army offers this. It is for parents who work schedules prevent them from being with their kids in the early morning.

The other main services are Big Bream Youth as well as Back to School as well as Christmas programs.  Each one of theses focuses on different needs. They may give free clothes to kids or toys at Christmas, or they serve meals, provide mentoring, and more. The goal is to ensure that youth are well accounted for.

Emergency disaster relief is also a focus. The Salvation Army responds in Nevada to fires, floods, droughts, and other major events. Working with the American Red Cross as well as trained volunteers (or professional staff), they house, feed, and support impacted residents.

When applying for any type of assistance programs, clients should have details on all household members, a photo ID and legal ID. There should also be details on income and what caused the crisis, such as a loss, delay, or reduction in receipt of public assistance benefits; unplanned expense (and what created it) that caused the emergency, etc. For more details, the center as well as thrift store is at 661 Colorado St., Carson City, NV 89701, call 775-887-9120.



By Jon McNamara

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