Capital Resource Agency - EnAct assistance programs.

Those in need can get help from EnAct, also known as the Capital Resource Agency. This is the regional community action agency and the assistance programs administered can help the elderly, low income, and disabled. The non-profit provides services to several counties including Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, and Putnam West Virginia.

The agency works with clients to try to help them overcome any barriers to obtaining a livable wage and high quality employment. This after all is the key to overcoming poverty. Staff from the Capital Resource Agency can enroll individuals into education and job training programs such as the Avenues to Employment. These services, the advice and support provided is done so at no cost to those that qualify.

The Avenues to Employment Program is extensive. It can offer Mining classes, Nursing Assistance, Chemical Operators, and other job training. The non-profit and its partners can help with funding for education expenses. Other resources administered include transportation, child care vouchers, emergency support, and other self-sufficiency.

The agency also partners with additional community-based, non-profit organizations in Kanawha County to arrange for GED and ABE classroom instruction. As funding allows, they also offer free school supplies to struggling and otherwise low-income children whose families are unable to pay for them on their own.

Financial assistance may be issued qualified low-income families. Another focus is on the disabled and senior citizens. This aid is available from the Community Services Block Grant. When possible, Kanawha County and nearby families can receive direct cash payments for paying rent, utility bills, housing costs, and in some locations prescriptions costs or eyeglasses. Some EnAct offices may also have baby supplies such as formula, diapers, and other baby food.

Emergency food pantries are operated by EnAct. They are available in all counties, including Kanawha, Clay and Boone. Staff and volunteers from the community action agency distribute surplus USDA commodities, canned goods and supplemental foodstuffs to qualified clients. The food and meals will help them meet their daily nutritional requirements. Staff will even partner with local agencies to instruct and provide informational pamphlets on how to grow their own food or can and freeze vegetables.




The EnAct Aged and Disabled Program is available as a long-term care alternative. The goal is to enable an individual to either remain in or return to home rather than receive nursing care. It will offer people dignity, independence, and other support. Clients will be able to receive help from a Registered Nurse (RN) and/or Social Worker. They will arrange for in-home care and personal services through the program.

Another caregiver service is Private Pay. This is for persons who are not qualified for other government benefits or in-home care programs. The Capital Resource Agency will offer in home, quality, non-skilled assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). Seniors and the disabled can get assistance with transportation, bathing, meal preparation, dressing, grooming, and housekeeping.

The non-profit Comforts of Home is also a provider of the West Virginia United Mine Workers of America. Qualified retirees and other beneficiaries may receive in-home respite care.

Low-income pregnant women and their children can explore the Right From the Start program. It operates in Kanawha County and it is a home visitation program that provides service coordination, education, job training, social services and other support.

What is available includes service coordination to ensure that women get the help they need. Case managers will also refer clients to non-profit community agencies or government assistance in their area. Education is also provided to clients through the Partners for a Healthy Baby curriculum.

The offices also serve as Work Force West Virginia satellite sites. Specialists and career counselors from Regional Workforce Investment Boards work with individuals on needs assessments, job referrals, placement, and training.

The main offices of EnAct are listed below. They have locations in each county.





Kanawha County

Charleston Service Office, 1701 5th Ave, Suite 7, Charleston, West Virginia 25387, Phone - 304.414.4475
12404 McCorkle Avenue, Chesapeake WV 25315, Main phone - 304.949.6077
13 Main Street, Clendenin WV 25045, call 304.548.5392

Fayette County

416 4th Ave., Montgomery, WV 25136, Telephone - 304.442.2018

Putnam County

Hurricane Service Office, 2727 Main Street, Hurricane, WV 25526, main phone 304.760.6067

Clay County

119 Main Street, Clay, West Virginia 25043, Phone - 304.587.6047

Boone County

Danville Community Center, PO Box 187, 731 Hopkins Ave, Suite 201, Danville, West Virginia 25053, call 304.369.9081



By Jon McNamara

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