Butterfly Foundation assistance programs and social services.

When facing a hardship, the Butterfly Foundation is a leading charity to contact. They offer help to the homeless in the form of transitional housing, job training for the unemployed, and information on public aid. However, they also administer many other services for the working poor.

Resources are available across several counties, including Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson. The Foundation will do its best to satisfy a client’s need. If they can’t, then referrals may be available. Or clients can use the Benefit Bank in order to apply for government benefits, such as food stamps, energy bill help, or similar aid.

BHAP, or the Housing Assistance Program, is offered in partnership with many other agencies, such as the Upstate Homeless Coalition. This will provide individuals with both shelter and other forms of short term transitional housing. Not only that, but individuals can also receive other support services, such as case management.

The focus is on providing time to guests so they can receive stability. Case managers can help people increase their skill levels or income and gain independence. Other support includes Job Readiness and Training, Education, Housing, Credit Repair Advice, and Life Skills Training.

Also, most of the permanent housing is for chronically homeless individuals and low income families with disabilities. The transitional housing is available in all counties, including Greenville. When they are ready for independent living, the Benefit Bank may offer information on financial aid to pay for their housing expenses.

As noted, employment services are available from Butterfly Foundation. One example is the Culinary Job Training Program. This will help people obtain employment in the food or service related field. The typical enrollee is unemployed, previously incarcerated persons, underemployed or homeless adults. It can also establish internships and other forms of advice to students. Ideally the end result is the person will find employment somewhere in South Carolina.

Home Repairs may be available in rare situations. The foundation may have grants from the SC Housing Trust Fund that can pay for this type of work. Any repairs need to be considered as an emergency, with higher priority on safety issues. As there is a grant issued for this, the homeowner will not be required to pay anything towards it. However, as noted this is not common and will come with many conditions.




Find help in applying for government benefits from the Butterfly Foundation Benefit Bank. It can help low income families, the unemployed, and others apply for the entitlements and services they need. Work with a case manager to access the public aid below. They will help connect struggling families to the resources for which they are eligible.

  • Medical bill assistance is part of the federal Medicaid program. It will give clients a way to access free medical or dental care.
  • SNAP food stamps is for very low income families. It provides people from the community with a debit card or voucher to buy the groceries they need.
  • FIP - Family Independence Program – Working the state of South Carolina, Butterfly Foundation may be able to arrange supportive services, monetary aid and employment opportunities to families of lower socioeconomic status.
  • Loans and college aid is part of FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students can use the Benefit Bank to know what type of support is available to them.
  • Free income tax filing is part of Federal and State forms. It offers individuals free self-serve tax filing services.

CACOON is another service in the Spartanburg area. This is also known as Connecting Adults to Choices Opportunities. Volunteers and so called life coaches will partner with economically challenged adults to empower and encourage participants. They can learn about social services and access other aid.

The main address is 185 South Liberty Street, Spartanburg South Carolina 29306, call 864-582-4146 for information on intake.




By Jon McNamara

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