Butler County housing authority assistance programs.

The housing authority in Butler County can help very low income families apply for section 8 HUD vouchers. This is a federal government, HUD supported program that often has a waiting list in place. There are also other voucher programs for senior citizens as well as the disabled in the city of Hamilton Ohio. Other support, such as referrals and assistance for home owners or buyers, can also be provided by the team at the housing authority.

Most of the resources are under high demand. They come with a waiting list in place. In fact, the number of people that are requesting help may be so great that the waiting list is closed on occasion.

Programs for renters and prospective tenants

Individuals from the community that are homeless, and that can't be placed into permanent housing, can use the emergency shelter. This will provide people time to transition into stable housing. There are shelters for certain individuals as well, such as veterans as well as single parents with children.

Applicants for any shelters in Butler County must be homeless and able to show proof of that status. There are restrictions, such as criminal history, that may make people ineligible. Also, all housing and shelters are limited, so priorities go to families with children, couples, the elderly, and single women, and only then single men.

Butler County Metropolitan housing authority can refer applicants to these locations. Not only will guests be given a breakfast and maybe a dinner. But they will also receive case management services. This will help them find, pay the security deposit on, and maintain stable housing.

Transitional Housing from the housing authority can provide week-long accommodations. This can last for a few months or more, providing the participants makes progress towards the goals and objectives that will be set. Basically, the client needs to overcome the issues that are causing the family to struggle.

Clients of the transitional housing in Butler County work one on one with a social worker. All aspects of the crisis will be tacked, including employment. There will also be financial management and the agency will make credit counseling services available. The person will need to pay a portion of their income for rent and also save a large percentage of it.




There are other programs for tenants in Butler County. They include everything above, which is mostly from referrals. Another is the section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, and the authority can process applications for this. It is a federal government funded rent subsidy program, but it is administered locally. It enables very low-income families, including seniors, to live safely and affordably in either private or public housing. The county Social Services department also partners with Butler County housing authority on it.

Per the program terms of section 8, a portion of the clients monthly rent may be paid by the voucher. The balance will be do from the family. As part of government HUD guidelines, the tenant is also required to pay 30 percent of their household income towards their monthly rent and energy bills.

In addition to the federal government financial aid, the participant has the right to select and lease their own private apartment. This they are not obligated to live in some public or what some refer to a government housing.

The unit selected by the family needs to be decent, safe and affordable to live in. This can sometimes be difficult to find in Butler County. In these cases the housing authority can provide suggestions, including on some apartments they run.

Other tenant services are arranged. For people that are experiencing a housing crisis (such as having a pay or quit notice) or that are on the verge of eviction, Butler County housing authority may be able to help. The Tenant Services Program is for applicants that are struggling to keep up with their rent or raise the money for a deposit.

Case managers will help individuals and families locate permanent housing or a low income apartment to live in. They will also be able to participate in self-sufficiency. The housing authority of Metropolitan Butler County works to addresses the challenge of homelessness, working directly with local shelters, providing assessment, case management, housing rental and subsidy information (such as section 8), and budget counseling. All of this is done to move homeless persons from hopelessness to a stable situation.





Butler County services for homeowners

Residents that need help in acquiring a property can sign up for pre-purchase education. The housing authority will offer Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supported one-on-one counseling to assist potential homeowners on their journey to ownership. The course topics include, but are not limited to, budgeting, purchase contracts, debt reduction, financing, insurance, down-payment assistance and avoiding predatory lending. Counselors are certified by the national organizations NeighborWorks America.

There is also foreclosure counseling given. This service will help those individuals to understand and determine their current financial status as well as improve their current readiness for paying an existing mortgage. There will also be help from the housing authority that can assist individuals to successfully identify potential properties and financing opportunities.

All of the housing and tenant programs, including foreclosure prevention in Butler County, will be combined with help from a Outreach Worker. This person will offer the client encouragement as well as guidance. This is for clients who are interested in making positive changes in their lives.

This person will give them information on community resources. Clients can learn how to participate in  financial support, access training and the outreach worker will be on their side and will advocate on the client’s behalf. During these sessions organized by the housing authority in Butler County, there will be goals and milestones set as well.

For more information, the Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority is located at 4110 Hamilton Middletown Rd, Hamilton, Ohio. Call (513) 896-4411.



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