Brooklyn mortgage assistance.

Homeowners in Brooklyn can receive mortgage assistance from Bank of America. The lender operates a mortgage help center in the city, and it provides coverage and various services to homeowners across the region. Individuals can learn about and apply for various assistance programs, including home loan modifications. Counselors are available on site to work with homeowners on possible solutions and to also provide them with free foreclosure prevention advice and other support.

A number of programs and resources are offered to customers, and all of them are targeted at providing homeowners help in dealing with their mortgage and getting back on track. Borrowers in Brooklyn who are Bank of America customers will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with home retention specialists and housing counselors. Together they will review a variety of programs and options that may be available to the distressed homeowner.

Details of Brooklyn area mortgage and foreclosure programs

After making an appointment, specialists at the customer assistance center will meet with a customer and review their financial background and current home loan terms. Be prepared to have complete documentation on your income, expenses, current loan terms, and anything else that is financial in nature. While Bank of America is willing to work with borrowers, an applicant will need to be able to prove their short term hardship in order to receive any type of relief. The specialists will proceed to follow each customer application file through the entire loan modification process.

Together you will be able to review options for home loan modifications or other alternatives to foreclosure. Even if you have already applied for help from Bank of America or the federal government, you will be able to review loan modification files already in progress. As indicated, a key service provided, and a goal of these centers, is to keep the communication flowing between the lender and the borrower.

Bank of America also works with customers to address the cause of their hardship. So clients will be able to explore hardship type programs for other types of debts. After all, if a homeowner in Brooklyn is struggling to pay their mortgage because some other aspect of their overall financial situation is not being managed properly, then any solutions implemented by the bank for dealing with their home loan will more than likely fail. Therefore specialists will take a holistic approach to addressing your request for assistance.

In addition to being able to stop by and visit the Brooklyn mortgage center, staff will also be making regular trips to other New York City boroughs and counties throughout the New York City region as well as Long Island. Bank of America may establish temporary offices and outposts in the region in order to meet the demands of the local community. These trips will make it even easier for homeowners to receive face-to-face assistance and foreclosure counseling.

Bank of America customers who live in the Brooklyn and New York area can get more information and make appointments. You can call the Brooklyn center at 855.831.7262 for hours and additional details. The center is open on Saturdays too for the convenience of customers.




By Jon McNamara

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