Broadway Baptist Church programs.

Broadway Baptist Church helps the working poor in a crisis. They only cover the zip code of 76104. Whether the challenge is caused by unemployment or maybe a senior living on a fixed income, the charity will try to arrange some form of support. They also partner with other agencies and social service groups in Tarrant County to coordinate resources.

Some of the support, such as for medical or dental needs, is available in the form of referrals to clinics. Other more basic needs, including food, can be arranged directly by Broadway Baptist Church including free school items. The center may also have occasional funds for paying expenses as a last resort.

All across the county of Tarrant or Johnson are Community Health Centers and clinics. The staff can provide information on these locations. While the details of each center will vary, in general they will offer low cost or free, comprehensive medical or dental care to residents of all ages and incomes. Most operate on a sliding fee scale, so a portion of a bill needs to be paid by the patients. However, the clinics will also usually accept Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare and private health insurance plans as a form of payment.

Residents can be linked to these clinics. Each location will never try to turn anyone away because of an inability to pay for the bills in question. Emphasis is generally placed on check ups, including preventative health care and education.

Specific services include well child exams, vouchers for medications, physical exams, nutritional assessment, OB/GYN, x-ray services and other lab services. There will also be screening for dental needs, with a focus on adults with low or no income who have no insurance. Programs cover most dental care, including check ups and similar needs.

Emergency financial aid or related services are available. Any help from Broadway Baptist Church is provided to assist families that have experienced an unexpected expense beyond their control (such as unplanned for medical bills) or maybe loss of income. A combination of government grants and other funds may be offered for rent, utility bills, security deposits, mortgage, or food.





The intent of the money is to ensure there is shelter. Some money for utility bills will be used to prevent cut-offs, or food can help minimize malnutrition. Other financial assistance for rental costs can circumvent incidences of evictions in Tarrant County and the resulting homelessness.

When applying, individuals are required to document all expenses and income for the household. They also need to be otherwise stable and have a source of income. As the applicant will need to prove the ability to pay all future bills without assistance from Broadway Baptist Church.

There are two main food programs. The Broadway Baptist Church operates a Feed His Lambs service as well as Grocery or Thrift store. These have two main goals. They are to ensure children have some type of meal during the summer months, when they can't rely on free school lunches. The store is run in partnership with St. Matthew Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

The pantry will offer groceries and boxes of food from a client choice center. In addition, free vouchers, or Grocery Tickets, are issued to senior citizens and Tarrant County people living on disability or social security fixed incomes. They can use these to pay for their food. Many other charities battle hunger too. More on free food pantries in Tarrant County.

Rehousing as well as Homeless Prevention is often priority for people in Johnson and Tarrant County. Agencies in the region, partnering with Broadway Baptist Church, have emergency homeless shelters as well as food pantries that can be called upon. There may also be longer term transitional housing which gives the client time to gain independence.

Receive information on the federally funded LIHEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program. This will assist with the often high cost of utility bills during the winter months. Priority for this government grant program is given to people who are elderly in Texas or have disabilities, however anyone on the brink of poverty can apply.

Broadway Baptist Church Case Managers are available to assist households, whether they are struggling or just need a little guidance. The process is part of self-sufficiency, and it will involve, among other things, establishing goals. The staff will also provide additional referrals to other social service programs or government benefits.

Self Sufficiency is administered in an effort to help those who need a plan for achieving consistent, long term financial sustainability for their households. It will examine the root cause of their hardship, and plans will be implemented to meet that goal of self-sufficiency. As part of this, clients are required to document all expenses and income for the household, participate in budget as well as credit counseling, and other activities as required to complete the process.





Seasonal programs are from a program known as Little Red School House as well as Holiday Friends. They offer items such as new school uniforms for students from low income families in partnership with First Baptist Church. The Broadway Baptist Church also offer free presents and gifts, toys, and other items that can help meet the requests of a child's holiday wish list. Free Christmas meals are also served to the entire family.

They also provide referrals to free back to school supplies. Since Tarrant County is so large, some families may not be able to get to a distribution site. So Broadway Church can direct clients to a mail service. As an example, find out about applying for free school supplies by mail.

Those are a few of the services available at Broadway Baptist Church, or by referral. For more details on services, call the ministry at 211 ands ask for referrals, or stop by 305 W Broadway Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

By Jon McNamara

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