Bridge House housing and social service programs.

A wide array of services are available from the Bridge House. While a focus of the agency is on assisting low income families, the non-profit will prioritize its programs towards women. They offer everything from self-sufficiency as part of Bridge of Opportunity to an on site Resource Center, which offers referrals to emergency rental assistance and employment programs. Many other services are also administered from the Boulder based agency.

Bridge of Opportunity is their case management service, and it offers clients an opportunity to improve their lives and offers a path out to a new, independent future. Assistance from this includes their Community Table, which provides free meals in the form of breakfast and lunch the Bridge House as well as dinners during the week at local churches.

In addition, Case Management is available from staff. This will help clients address a crisis, and it will resolve immediate needs of individuals seeking resources, referrals and support based on individual concerns. Basic needs such as food, clothing, hygiene items and shelter during inclement weather are always accessible as well.

The homeless in Boulder can also be clients. There is help for those chronically impacted by it, or new ones as well, including those who lost their job or business during a financial crisis. Homeless families are becoming more and more common at Bridge House programs, including at the dinners. Each homeless person is provided access to resources with respect to individual circumstances which will hopefully lead them toward a self-reliant path once again.

Veterans can get help too. In fact, they account for a good percentage of the clientele and many are struggling after serving our country. They are not receiving benefits they are entitled to by law, or they may homeless. The agencies goal is to assist veterans with processing paperwork in order for them to receive medical and financial services which are justly deserved.

Medical Services are part of Bridge of Opportunity, and include professionals visiting once a week from the People's Clinic. They offer check ups as well as assistance to those receiving prescriptions. A holistic health clinic at the Bridge House is available once a week for clients who wish to seek treatment with special needs such as acupuncture.




Other health care type services include Mental Health Support and assistance for the disabled. This is offered in which a Boulder Mental Health Center employee visits the Bridge House to meet the needs of patients. A social worker is available to meet with individuals daily and they will also run weekly addiction recovery support groups.

Housing is a focus too, along the lines of homeless prevention in the Boulder County area. The Bridge House offers support including rental assistance programs which works to help clients stay in their current apartment or home. The program has expanded to providing assistance to homeless individuals in paying the utility or rental deposits on new homes. There are other resources too, such as supportive programs for daily living.

Employment resources includes Job Readiness services which offers private tutoring and classes in preparation for resumes or upcoming interviews. There may also be free work appropriate clothing passed out, free voice mail and computer access.

Much of this is part of Ready to Work, which is a newly launched program at the Bridge House that works together with local government agencies to provided homeless adults paid transitional assignments with Boulder employers. This work will provide skills, experience, assistance with housing and support leading to ideally a permanent work situation.

The Resource Center at Bridge House provides homeless men and women, including seniors or veterans, access to learn and receive services to help them progress to a permanent housing situation and employment as well. Immediate access is available to the non-profit agencies who specialize in urgently dealing with these needs. Together they help people seek employment, apply for benefits and address housing needs.




Bridge House Community's goal is to provide a sense of security, caring and inclusiveness to struggling families in Boulder. As noted, a focus is on females. So the Bridge House opens for women only to allow them a chance to have their specific needs addressed. There may be information on affordable child care or how to overcome workplace discrimination.

The Hope Quilt is a resource designed for people living with mental illness or some other form of related disability. An outreach worker is available to work case by case with qualified individuals from the community, and the Hope Quilt solution will also partner with local clinics and other medical providers.

The phone number of the Bride House is (303) 442-8300. Call for information or intake.


By Jon McNamara

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