Public assistance in Brevard County.

Find information on public assistance programs in Brevard County Florida. Several government funded resources and social services can help low income families make it through a short term hardship, and also help them gain longer term self-sufficiency skills and support. Resources can help with everything from electric bills, rent and mortgage payments to burial costs and expenses.

Receive financial help for paying cooling, energy, and electric bills from LIHEAP in Brevard County Florida. This is a federal government funded program that helps low-income households, seniors, and disabled with paying their home energy bills. The energy bill assistance program can help individuals stay cool in the summer or even warm in the winter.

There are definitely restrictions and conditions that need to be met by applicants. Funding is limited, and not everyone will qualify. Priority includes:

  • For family aid, applicants must have children under age 5 to qualify for grants or financial assistance.
  • Seniors - Must be at least sixty (60) years old to qualify for senior status.
  • Disabled – To get help from LIHEAP as being classified as disabled, applicants must be receiving disability and public assistance from either Social Security or employer/insurance disability benefits.

Brevard County LIHEAP can help with one or more of the following.

  • Crisis Energy Bill Assistance – This component offers financial assistance for paying for utility deposits and/or final notice and helps people with a shut off.
  • Home Energy Bill Assistance – Clients can receive an annual credit based on your household size and total household income.

The Brevard County Florida self-sufficiency program is designed to help lower income and struggling families deal with multi dimensional problems, and the goal is to help these families become independent of public assistance. Together you can work with a case manager to overcome barriers such as lack of employment/training or education, vocational training, gain work experience, access transportation, and get help with child care expenses.





Community Action Agency specialists from Brevard County will work intensively with each family to overcome these obstacles by providing counseling, reinforcement of self esteem, and advocacy.

Participants of these self-sufficiency programs and resources must be motivated toward becoming self sufficient over the mid to long term. Local agencies and non-profits will work cooperatively to ensure that participants in this program receive appropriate services during their transition toward becoming independent families. Those services might include minor car repairs, child care, rental assistance, tuition/books, uniforms, and even job placement.

Brevard County Florida Emergency Assistance – This can empower lower income persons to become self-sufficient through life management training, case management, and may be able to offer short term final assistance and grants for paying for basic needs. Resources can also promote responsiveness as well as institutional sensitivity to help meet the needs of income eligible persons through a wide range of federal, public assistance, state of Florida and local resources.

Emergency Services include financial assistance for Mortgage/Rental Assistance, Medications and Prescription Assistance, Medical/Dental Payment Assistance, as well as get Information and Referral.

The Housing and Human Services Department of Brevard County can offer Indigent Burial Assistance. This can offer cash assistance to pay for cremation. All aid is offered in full accordance with Florida Statutes of an indigent person who has no resources or relatives that can assume this responsibility.

The number to dial for the Brevard County Housing and Human Services Department is (321) 633-2076. Call them for more information or to apply for public assistance.




By Jon McNamara

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