Brazos County public aid and assistance.

The Brazos County Benefits Office can help very low income families or those living in poverty apply for public assistance. These resources are not funded by the county, but rather are offered across the state of Texas or they may be federal funded programs. There is also information on more targeted services, such as SSI disability applications or support for veterans.

Thousands of households are enrolled in some or all of the following benefits. The main programs in the county include SNAP food stamps, as well as section 8 housing. There is also cash assistance from TANF, and this is often combined with job training. More information on these Brazos County services are below.

Veterans can be connected to services. There is help for both the former service members as well as their immediate family members and spouses, if they live in Brazos County. Other public benefits are focused on disabled veterans.

Some of the assistance available includes burial allowance and funeral cost assistance. There is also advice from the council on applying for disability, or veterans over the age of 65 can enroll into senior programs. Other assistance includes special program for unemployable veterans, Clothing allowances, Auto or other benefits, and even grants from the Montgomery G. I. Bill.

Many Brazos County veterans struggle with paying for medical bills. In these cases, public health care will assist with expenses incurred from Hospitalization, Prosthetic appliances, Alcohol and drug Treatment, or also Outpatient medical care. They can also get help in paying for medications from federal programs.

Families living in poverty can apply for public aid from TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Some people who stop by the Brazos Benefit office still refer to this as its old name, which is Aid to Families or welfare.

No matter what it is called, they all do the same thing. In these cases, the low income family will be provide a fixed dollar amount of public aid each month. The assistance will only last for a few years at most over the course of the residents lifetime. So TANF is time limited.




The cash will be used for helping the family pay their bills while they attend job programs. As TANF is combined with everything from training to job search assistance. The social workers from Brazos County can help families better understand this program.

Other public benefits in Brazos

-Food stamps, or SNAP, is used for paying for groceries. The Benefit Office processes applications. The family will be given an EBT card that they can use as they shop.

-Low income energy bill help, or CEAP, is a public aid program in which a grant is given to the household for their utility bills.

-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training is part of the food stamp service. But this will help the Brazos family find a new job or gain skills.

-Medical care is available from Medicaid. Or teenagers and children in Brazos County can enroll into CHIP, or the Children's Health Insurance Program. Both of these use public funds to pay for medical or dental bills.

-Brazos County benefits can also offer other food or free baby formula from Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC. This is focused on infants though and new parents that meet low income guidelines.

In some cases, Brazos County will use their general assistance fund to pay for funeral costs. This will only be for indigent families that live in the county. The family needs to have an extremely low income and no access to savings as well. So this is a very restrictive program available in the area.

The Benefits Office in Brazos County can be contacted at 512-424-6500. The social workers at the center can also referral clients to other federal government resources, as there are several that are tailored to people living in poverty. The main address is 3000 E Villa Marie, Bryan, Texas 77803.



By Jon McNamara

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