Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness programs.

An intake service is available from the Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness. The agency operates both in the county and statewide. Now the organization will not offer direct financial support to clients, but rather they are an effective place to learn about the various housing and/or rent programs that operate in Blount County.

The resources range from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs to local charities. The bottom line is that there are many housing programs available in Blount County for both the literally homelessness as well as chronically homeless.

Homeless persons with disabilities in Blount County can get rent and housing assistance from the Shelter Plus Care (S + C).  There are a few different HUD resources that pay for this Coalition to End Homelessness service in, and they include the following. There is help from Project-based Rental Assistance (PRA); Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TRA); Sponsor-based Rental Assistance (SRA); as well as the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Dwellings.

The is both a preventative program and one that can rehouse the disabled. In this regard the Shelter Plus Care (S + C) can provide rental assistance payments, counseling, and other housing services.

Owned by charities in the county, and referrals given by Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness, the Maryville Tennessee Housing Authority Family Shelter is a county-owned transitional housing facility. It is for the homeless as well as for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipients who desire to become financially stable and self-sufficient. The Counseling service is part of this as well. The non-profit provides information and assistance in the areas of budgeting; mediation with landlord/tenant situations; rental delinquency; and referrals to affordable housing.

It is a comprehensive service. It will support residents as they work to reach their goals around accessing their own housing. Program services from Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness are focused not only on helping people gain self-sufficiency, but also on understanding what causes homelessness, in order to avoid it later.





Emergency Solution or Shelter Grants Program – Partners of Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness administer this program. The grants paid out are federally funded and administered through the Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Portions of overdue bills as well as rent arrears are paid and the family’s assigned advocate works with them on an action plan to resume payment of their housing costs within a timeframe of one month.

Funds from this program are used to prevent homelessness when a low-income, at-risk family suddenly has a decrease in their income. Examples of a crisis may include a short term job loss, health care problem or some other reduction in income.

Long term solutions are given to combat homelessness. The Community and Senior Services Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs assist individuals who are 18 years of age or older (that have a disability) with the following services. The staff offer an initial evaluation. Based on that, the following may be arranged.

  • Free Career counseling.
  • Local job search guidance and support.
  • Job placement with non-profits or corporations.
  • Financial assistance is offered by local Blount County non-profits to workers displaced by mass layoffs, disasters or plant closures.

The Coalition is also a source of information on utility bill donation programs. These may be available in the state of Tennessee, and examples include Neighbor Helping Neighbor or Energy Share among others. Each and every provider has their own payment arrangement and assistance programs they offer their customer. While the Blount County Coalition to End Homelessness may have information, customers should always call their electric or gas company first for information.




Generally, these services are for people facing an unexpected hardship, that have explored all other financial aid options, and are not eligible for the LIHEAP. Other conditions may apply as well, as help may be offered for those households with a member over 60 years old or a child that is sic. Many donation services in Blount County do not require customers to have a shut off notice to apply. When qualified, a grant may be issued from an Energy Share service for paying utility bills, or the household will be given a credit on their account.

The Coalition to End Homelessness in Blount County is a place for information and referral. The address is 903 McCammon Ave, Maryville, TN 37801. For intake to a caseworker, dial (865) 982-7616.


By Jon McNamara

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