Birmingham Urban League assistance.

Many services are available from the Urban League in Birmingham, however the Comprehensive Housing Counseling service may be the one in highest demand. It helps tenants avoid evictions, prevents foreclosures, and can even help those looking to buy a home in Jefferson County Alabama. So housing programs are run as well as many other services.

Anyone looking for rental or home ownership assistance can use the counseling services. Staff from the HUD certified agency will provide knowledge to those that need it, and work with clients throughout the process. There are several steps to the process, as noted below.

  • Individuals get information on fair housing laws in Alabama, as well as housing counseling services.
  • Low income families will get advice on the leasing or buying process.
  • Financial aid, or counseling, will touch upon mortgage default, rental delinquency counseling and more, with a focus on senior citizens in Birmingham.
  • Staff from the League offer budgeting, mediation, information on property tax programs, and much more.

Many of the services from the Birmingham Urban League are free, and there are not restrictions on who can apply or not. They are also offered in partnership with United Way of Central Alabama, City of Birmingham-Department of Community Development, and national groups.

Youth Empowerment will not only help people under the age of 19 with mentoring and guidance, but the agency will also try to help them find a summer or full time job. It is for residents of Jefferson County that have been involved in the juvenile justice system and that meet other conditions.

Additional assistance for youth will help with social, employment, and academic issues facing the younger residents of the county. The Birmingham Urban League will help regardless of race or background, but there is a focus on African Americans and minorities. Clients will be assigned a mentor and benefit from computer classes and training. Parents will also need to take part of this service, as they are key to a young person learning. Individuals also benefit from the support of non-profit community-based organizations.




Budgeting and Financial Empowerment from Birmingham Urban League will help clients improve their financial decisions making process. Staff from the Urban League tackle financial, physical, and emotional needs as part of this service, as all of this can help people secure economic self-reliance and not depend on government financial assistance.

Seminars are held by the Birmingham Urban League and non-profit credit counselors. The programs are deigned to meet the needs of the audience, and touch upon debt management and credit score repair.

Avoiding predatory lenders is also a key service, as these companies are all too common in Alabama. Clients can learn about types of credit available to them, and how to receive affordable financing from credit unions or other sources of loans.

Birmingham Urban League also can enroll people into Individual Development Account. These will, among other things, promote financial stability as well as savings, and enables participants to acquire a  home or pay for college. Federal and state of Alabama funds are used as part of this, as well as support from United Way of Central Alabama.

Many other financial literacy programs are run as well in Jefferson County. They include support in opening a bank account and budget creation, including a spending plan. There is also information on filing income taxes, applying for working credits, and more.

Whether the need is housing or employment, the Urban League of Birmingham is located at 1229 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203. Call (205) 326-0162.



By Jon McNamara

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