Bethel Ministerial Association emergency assistance programs.

A multitude of programs are run by Bethel Ministerial Association. The organization, which is set up as a non-profit, will try to provide cash grants to income qualified families in Clermont County. However, in many cases they will not have resources available and will then offer referrals or maybe a low interest rate loan instead.

Some of the potential options from Bethel Ministerial Association include food from a pantry, or funds for paying rent or an energy bill. There may also be clothing from thrift stores, vouchers for medications, and more. The main programs and resources are noted below.

Offering food and preventing hunger is always a key goal. There is everything from surplus USDA commodities to items from the local pantry that have been donated by the public. Anyone in need of emergency food or a holiday meal can contact the organization.

Long term solutions are available in the state of Ohio as well. There is the federal government USDA SNAP food stamp program or WIC for infants and new mothers. Other public entitlements will be explored as well.

The food from the Bethel Ministerial Association pantry has been donated from individuals, businesses and collected from local food drives. Also, partners such as Feeding America and churches solicit businesses to donate food to the pantries. There are even surplus fresh or canned goods from local restaurants, grocery stores, soup kitchens, and bakeries, catering companies, or surplus USDA items.

Energy bill assistance is fulfilled in many ways. Seniors and those with a medical condition can get a  heating or cooling system, such as a fan or space heater during the winter. Bethel Ministerial Association staff can also refer very low income families in poverty to LIHEAP, or they may have some of their own funds for paying utility bills.

Since having a warm, or cool home, is a human need for all people, the non-profit will try to meet this need. There is support for the elderly or low-wage / working poor households. Or energy assistance is for people on fixed incomes such as social security. These individuals all often have difficult juggling their winter utility bills with other necessities.




When power goes off, this can often lead to serious illness, injury, or in extreme cases, death. So both short and long term utility bill assistance will be arranged for low-income households in Batavia Ohio. For example, LIHEAP (Low-income Heat Energy Assistance) is integrated with other emergency aid. There are also occasions in which Bethel Ministerial Association can help with furnace repairs and conservation measures.

Financial aid will be targeted to address urgent needs for free food or funds to pay back rent. Other uses may be for transportation in the form of vouchers or bus passes to a job. The overall goal of the emergency aid is to help people maintain a stable home or apartment to live in, and in effect prevent homelessness as well as hunger in the community.

The Crisis program is meant to be a last resort for men, women, and their children who have nowhere else to go for help, and each application is closely scrutinized. On average, many requests for financial aid can't be fulfilled, as the money will run out. However, volunteers from Bethel Ministerial Association will then try to direct the family to other options in the area, whether they are private or publicly funded. People seeking assistance need to bring a photo I.D., copies of bills due, show what they are doing for self-sufficiency, and proof of their income and expenses.

Other resources, which may be a little more available, include holiday and Christmas assistance. Many people do volunteer to help the less fortunate during the major holidays, so there may be meals or toys. Also, the local thrift stores, of which Bethel Ministerial Association is a key partner, may have clothing, personal hygiene items, cribs, and more for the population.




Child Care is available in Batavia region of Ohio and the state as well. It is for children from low income families, if their parent is working or in job training. Care is provided at approved providers or in the homes of experienced and trained members of the community. All affordable day care is dependent on the availability of providers.

Prescription assistance, namely vouchers, links patients with national pharmaceutical companies Prescription Assistance Programs, discount cards such as one from NACO, and disease state foundations. These programs provide medication, disease management education, medical supplies, referrals to health care, and more. The target population is low income, uninsured or under-insured in the county.

The church and faith based Bethel Ministerial Association can be called at 513-734-4357. The address is 465 East Main Street, Batavia, Ohio 45103.



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