Bethel House services and housing programs.

Providing assistance to the homeless and working poor in both Walworth and Jefferson County, the Bethel House and its staff can provide shelter, case management, and eventual rehousing services. There is assistance for families, single parents, and children in the territory that is supported by the faith based charity.

The scope of what is offered by the non-profit is limited. Bethel House has several low income apartments and housing facilities that formerly homeless families can move into. The temporary housing is mostly located in Whitewater and is focused on residents from that city. There is also emergency assistance, in the form of referrals to local charities or non-profits, for people that need help with back rent or other expenses. This is available as the staff also try to prevent future homelessness from occurring.

Many of the people that use the transitional housing facilities are single mothers with children, the working poor, unemployed, and people that are homeless for the first time in their life. They are often faced with an unexpected financial crisis that lead to them missing a rent payment.

While more limited, there may be emergency assistance, both direct and from referrals, for income qualified families or individuals that are facing an eviction. There may be funds to pay for a limited amount of costs, such as utility bills, back rent, or other needs. For those working towards self-sufficiency or employment, free gasoline vouchers and even food can be provided.

Other social support services are available in both Jefferson and Walworth counties too. These include public benefits such applications to section 8 HUD vouchers, vocational training, credit counseling, and free legal or medical programs. These partnerships that they have in place with local government agencies or churches are a key service provided by Bethel House. The staff from the charity attempt to connect individuals to as many resources as possible that will help people resolve social problems, personal, excessive dents. financial, and legal challenges.

Many churches also work with Bethel House in an effort to coordinate their housing and support services. This occurs so no duplication of services takes place, and combining forces of various faith based groups can be more effective when it comes to stopping homelessness. Help is provided across Whitewater and other towns by these churches regardless of religion, race, age, or background.




Since resources are limited, the churches will prioritize families with children as well as the elderly. Additional assistance is for single parents or moms in the region. The cause of the homelessness also needs to be from a crisis, and not due to chronic issues. For example, financial aid or transitional housing is focused on families faced with unacceptable overcrowding in a home, medical crisis or unexpected job loss, death of a wage earner, and similar one time events.

The case management provided is all inclusive. Staff from Bethel House will offer help with applying for subsidized housing or low income apartments. Other resources include assistance with job placement, help to attain a high school equivalency diploma or enroll in a school program, save for future housing, establish a monthly budget to pay off existing credit card debts, register for free legal assistance, and more. The objective is to ensure the formerly homeless person gains self-sufficiency.

In order to receive help, the applicant needs to live in Whitewater. The focus is always on families or individuals with children, and they will always take priority for any housing or shelter. A formal application is required, and a meeting with a Coordinator from Bethel House needs to take place. It take time for the housing placement to occur, and this is no an emergency program. Capability is also limited. If not qualified, then referrals will be available when possible. The address is 133 South Franklin Street, Whitewater, WI 53190, dial 262-473-2715.




By Jon McNamara

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