Bernalillo County and Albuquerque water bill assistance programs.

Assistance is available for paying water as well as wastewater bills in the Bernalillo County area from the Low Income Credit program. This program is run by the company in partnership with non-profits such as Storehouse. The goal is to help customers keep their water service on for their homes, provided they satisfy all of the terms and conditions in place.

As the name implies, credits will be placed on the client's account when approved. Applicants will not be given direct financial aid for paying their bills. Even if this form of assistance is not effective by itself, then families can explore other resources too. Those can be the budget payment plan as well grants from some of the charities that are located in Bernalillo County New Mexico.

When a family applies for help from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority credit program, the application will first be screened by Storehouse. They will assess the applicant's financial situation as well as root cause of the hardship. They will try to determine if the cause of the crisis was out of their control or if what something they created on their own.

Since it is so limited, the water bill assistance will be focused on families that have done everything they can in the past to be self-sufficient. When applying, some or all of the following may be needed.

  • Proof of Income is needed from all sources, including a job, benefits such as food stamps or disability, pensions and more.
  • The Low Income Credit program is for both tenants and homeowners, so bring a copy of a lease or mortgage document/deed.
  • Proof of residency in Bernalillo County is needed too.
  • All of the above information is needed from each resident in the home and not just the head of the household.

Once all of the above have been done, and if Storehouse approved the family for the Low Income Credit program, then assistance will be given in short order. It will be reflected on a the water or sewer account as soon as possible. While this is ongoing, the client should use this time-frame to find other resources to help them get back on track.





As another example of assistance given for water bills, the team at Storehouse can give referrals to resources. While there are no guarantees to ever receive any financial or other help, there may be some non-profits or churches in the city of Albuquerque that will try to assist. They may have a few dollars here and there for helping the family. Or they will given them other aid.

Budget Payment plans will help the Bernalillo County family budget properly. The total amount the person owes will be spread over the course of a year. So the monthly sewer bill will be much smaller. Or a water account can also be enrolled into the Budget plan.

While this is not a form of direct financial help, it does help a family living on a low income. They can better plan for what they owe and when it is due. They can then allocate their funds for everything from housing to water bill and other obligations they have.

When proceeding, please note the the credit will take time to be placed on an account. Or it will also take time for financial aid to be given from a charity. So the family should continue to pay their Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority bill in the meantime. This step is also important in order to stop an unexpected shut off.

All assistance is available to non-English speakers as well as immigrants too. For more information, or to apply, dial 505-842-6491 for information.




By Jon McNamara

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