Bell County Texas Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Bell County Texas and Benton can help the poor, seniors, and low income meet their basic needs and gain self-sufficiency. Clients of the non-profit will need to participate in case management and other activities. This can ideally lead to employment and overcoming poverty. A number of resources are available in the greater Bell County region.

If you are struggling, the Salvation Army is often there to try to help. Sometimes they can provide assistance on their own, or they may partner with other non-profits, churches, and groups such as the United Way. Regardless they will try to meet all of your basic needs. This can include offering a free bag of groceries to get through the week, a ride to a job interview, cash assistance for paying an outstanding bill, or maybe serving you and your family a hot meal.

Most centers in Belmont will offer hot meals and have an on site food bank. After all, having some type of food is arguably one of life's most basic needs. Staff and volunteers from the Salvation Army do their best to ensure that no one goes hungry, in particular children, infants, and our elderly. They may also serve special holiday meals as indicated below.

While sometimes the amount of food is limited as they rely on donations, the Bell County location will try to provide hot meals year-round to anyone in need. The pantries may also distribute a few days of food, but you will be limited to how many times you can use it per month. It is recommended to call for information and additional details.

Emergency electric bill assistance may be paid out when faced with a disconnection. Households with a young child, senior, or member with a medical condition may get priority.

Job finding programs are available, including Back To Work services. After all, having steady employment with a decent wage is the key to long-term stability. Look into workshops including resume preparation and databases of local employers in Bell County.

Rent assistance to prevent evictions and homelessness is available in limited quantities. A case manager may also try to provide some landlord/tenant medication services to see if some type of solution can be found. The goal is to keep Benton families off the streets and housed. They also can offer referrals to non-profits, charities, churches, and housing authorities in Texas. If you are currently homeless then explore transitional housing units.




Transportation assistance may be offered. Maybe you need a ride to work or an interview and an unexpected accident totaled your car. Or maybe you are trying to renter the workforce and can't afford that gasoline to get to work, at least until your first paycheck. The Bell County Salvation Army is there to help as funding allows with bus cards and/or gas vouchers.

Salvation Army thrift stores will sell gently used items to the public, including furniture.

Seasonal, holiday, and back to school assistance in Bell County Texas includes the Angel Tree program. This offers gifts and toys for children and seniors who may otherwise not receive any gifts. Other seasonal services include summer camps in Texas as well as back to school supplies and clothing.

The Salvation Army administers disaster programs nationwide, including in Bell County. Volunteers and staff are usually some of the first to respond. They may coordinate housing, provide food, water, clothing, and more. They can be there for a fire, tornado, or some other disaster situation.

The main centers that serve low income Bell County residents are at 120 S 21st St, Temple, (254) 899-1066 and also 1306 E Rancier Ave, Killeen Texas. Dial (254) 634-7172.




By Jon McNamara

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