Beaver and Lawrence County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Numerous assistance programs are available in Western Pennsylvania from the Salvation Army. The programs and resources range from heating bill assistance to food, housing, and more. Thousands of residents of counties including Lawrence and Beaver receive some form of help or guidance from the not for profit agency every year.

The HeatShare program can help families with paying utility bills. Assistance is for households that have received a shut-off notice from their energy provider. The Salvation Army takes a leading role in overseeing this program across the state. You can contact an office below or call 1-800-842-7279 for information and referrals. This will also provide homeowners with free energy conservation tips and maybe even support in applying for government assistance such as LIHEAP.

Emergency Food Assistance is offered year round, even during summer for students or low income families during the Christmas holidays. Hot meals and food is generally available for anyone in need at local Salvation Army Service & Worship Centers as well as pantries in the region. What may be offered includes Backpack Feeding Program for students, access to food pantry, and after school snacks and meals.

For the unemployed, or people looking to gain a new skill, explore the Salvation Army resume assistance programs, job counseling, and transition classes. The organization realizes that having a well paying job is a key to self-sufficiency, and there may be jobs and employment opportunities in counties such as Beaver.

The nearby Birmingham Free Health Clinic provides either low cost, or potentially free, quality health care to low-income families and individuals. Support may also be offered for those who currently lack insurance. Those who are interested in exploring this should call 412-481-7900 for more information. They may need to provide their own transportation.




The western Pennsylvania Salvation Army thrift stores sell, to the public, clothing and household items. Everything is offered at greatly reduced prices and the goods tend to be mid to high quality. Free clothing vouchers may be distributed to single adults and families that are currently coping with disasters or financial need, such as a medical crisis. Vouchers for personal hygiene and/or household items are available to struggling families and individuals in the county.

Additional emergency assistance may be offered, such as for rent, medications, and energy needs. Caseworkers will also help families and individuals pay their utility bills to make it through an emergency. Many people may need an appointment at a local Lawrence center, however some referrals from other human service agencies, churches and related organizations may be satisfied.

If they are able to provide financial aid, at the same time the Salvation Army caseworker aims to identify and address factors contributing to the emergency situation or crisis. They may also offer other forms of assistance, including budget counseling, guidance, and employment. At the end of the day many clients will be able to receive financial assistance to help them meet basic needs, such as vouchers for rent, utilities, and grocery store items.

Christmas and holiday assistance is available in Lawrence and Beaver County. Some of the Salvation Army programs include Adopt-a-Family, Project Bundle-Up, free holiday meals and Treasures for Children. Many people also donate gifts, toys and clothing items to these assistance programs and it is a way for residents to give back to their community.

Rochester Worship and Service Center, 378 Jefferson St, Rochester Pennsylvania 15074, dial 724-774-8335 or call the Salvation Army  Service Center at 240 West Grant St, New Castle PA 16103. Phone 724-652-7921.




By Jon McNamara

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