Help with bills and rent from Bear River Association of Governments.

While numerous assistance programs are run by the Bear River Association of Governments, the focus is on helping low income families with their housing, energy bills, and rental needs. The non-profit community action agency may offer direct financial aid for those expenses, or they may have referrals to other nearby non-profits or government benefits.

While some short term aid may be offered, depending on resources, the agency will also provide other self-sufficiency type assistance in the counties of Box Elder, Cache, and Rich. After all, the main goal of BRAG is to help people overcome their challenges or poverty situation.

Rent and utility bill help from Bear River Association of Governments

The housing choice voucher program is a form of rent subsidy. BRAG, working with partners such as the Logan City and Bear River Housing Authority, provide government-funded housing assistance to low income and poor residents of Northern Utah.

The section 8 housing choice voucher program is a federal government sponsored program to help seniors, low-income households and the disabled to pay the rent on safe, decent and sanitary housing within the private market. With housing assistance being provided by the agency, the individual or household can choose to find their own home or apartment to live in. This includes single-family homes, townhouses and or apartments.

Additional rental and security deposit assistance may be offered from the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program. This was created with the goal of ending homelessness in Box Elder, Cache and other counties. The federal government will provide funds for nonprofit agencies, charities, and State and local governments. The money is used to provide shelter to homeless persons and families.

They also want to make this transition from homelessness to shelter an easy one. So case managers will also promote access to and help participants make use of other programs or social services that homeless persons and/or families may need. This may include job placement and other resources to help the client become self-sufficient.




The Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) program is there to provide winter utility bill financial aid for low-income families. It can also assist seniors, the disabled, or others who need help paying their utility or gas bill.

The lowest-income households in Utah that usually have the highest heating costs, are seniors, handicapped and households with preschool-age children, so they get priority. This program is federal government funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). To schedule an appointment or to apply for a grant, please call one of the following phone numbers:

  • For residents of Box Elder County – (435) 723-1116
  • Low income residents of Rich County – 1 (877) 772-7242
  • Residents of Cache County – (435) 713-1444

The crisis component of the Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) program is in the form of one time payment to assist with paying utility bills. Some of the program requirements are as follows.

  • The applicant must have received a disconnect/shutoff notice from the utility or gas company.
  • If HEAT assistance is available from Bear River Association of Governments, you must receive HEAT before the Crisis aid can be used.
  • When helping with Questar Gas or Rocky Mountain Power bills, the HEAT Crisis will only help with the past due to prevent shutoff of service.
  • The applicant needs to have made a good faith attempt to make the payment and be able to prove this, as well as the crisis.
  • When assisting with Logan or Hyrum City residents, the HEAT Crisis program can only help with the electric portion of the utility bill.

VITA, or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistanceresource was created to make sure that low to moderate income households in the region, including Rich County, received all possible tax credits, which include the Earned Income Tax (EITC).

Volunteers from VITA and BRAG are available to complete basic tax returns free of charge for taxpayers that have made less than $50,000. All volunteers from Bear River Association of Governments are IRS certified and trained as well. They can also provide education and advice on asset building, credit repair or financial stability to anyone that is interested.

Bear River Association of Governments has a service to aid those who need help paying their rent or shelter expense. One-time housing assistance is a program that provides qualified low income and other clients with one month’s rent or even a mortgage payment, including principal and interest on it.

Applicants seeking assistance with their mortgages are first referred to a non-profit HUD or mortgage counselor. They will review the situation and decide if the one time grant is the best solution for the hardship.





In order to get any rent or mortgage assistance, applicants have to meet requirements in order to receive a grant or loan. They need to be financially eligible and they must be able to show that after BRAG’s one-time payment, that the household will be able to sustain their housing expenses on their own in the future. This service is a once in a lifetime grant and once it has been used, the participant is not eligible ever again.

The main purpose of  Weatherization  is to provide low-income families and persons in Utah, especially seniors and the disabled, to participate in this free energy saving programs. The goal of it is to lessen the amount of utility bills that need to be paid. Participants average nearly 25% in savings on their energy bills, or approximately $400 per year.

Families, the disabled, individuals, seniors (60 years of age or older), and those with special needs that are of low income and meet 125% or less of the current federal poverty income guidelines are eligible for assistance through the Weatherization Assistance Program. Priority is given to lower income seniors and handicapped, those in crisis situations, high-energy users and households that have pre-school children.

Assistance to either repair, tune up or replace furnaces is available through BRAG for working poor households in Cache and other counties. The combined funding of $50,000 each year can be used for partial payment or complete payment for furnace repair. Or the government grant can pay for the entire replacement of unrepairable units.

Additional services from BRAG community action

BRAG can help ensure homes are safe to live in. The Single Family Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program from the not for profit community action agency is there to provide funding to address poor housing conditions. Income conditions are in place. For those that qualify, what will happen is that low to moderate income households can borrow an amount of money at low interest rates to make much necessary safety updates and program eligible repairs.

People caring for seniors or the disabled, known as caregivers, can get support as well. BRAG offers them guidance, individual counseling, support groups, information, training, respite and some medical equipment and/or supplies to caregivers.

A caregiver is someone who helps a non-institutionalized individual with daily living activities, on a regular basis. This may be transportation, chores, shopping, bathing, personal cares, and more.

The community action agency known as BRAG also runs the First Time Home Buyer program. This can assist residents in making the dream of owning a home for first-time buyers a reality.

This program, using workshops and classes, provides a valuable education for first-time home buyers. Participants will learn how credit affects getting a new home loan, and what to expect after they have their new home, etc. In very limited cases, funding for paying for closing costs or help with down payments is also available from Bear River Association of Governments.




Emergency Home Repairs are available as well. BRAG offers this service for those who need minor repairs made to their homes that they cannot afford, but are needed to make their homes safe to live in.

This Bear River Association of Governments program is able to in some cases provide a grant up to $2,000 per household to be used for minor home repairs that if they are not done will pose a potential health and or threat to safety.

Some repair projects that can be done in Box Elder and Cache Utah are as follows. Fixing of faulty electrical systems, roof repairs, bathroom repairs, septic system repairs, and culinary water hook up repairs. All repairs are made by contractors in an effort to correct potentially dangerous situations and to keep participating households in safe living conditions.

There are a couple main offices. They are at 170 N Main, Logan, Utah 84321, dial (435) 752-7242 as well as the Perry Office. Address is 2535 South Highway 89, Perry, Utah 84302. Main phone (435) 723-1111.


By Jon McNamara

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