Bay County Michigan Salvation Army programs.

Qualified low income and struggling families in Bay County Michigan may be able to receive help from the Salvation Army. While the center does have limited resources available they will do their best to assist the less fortunate and people that are facing a difficult time. Programs are offered year round with additional support available in certain key seasons such as Christmas or back to school periods.

If you live in Bay City and are struggling to pay your utility bill or heating costs during the winter, then you may be able to call upon the Salvation Army for financial assistance. Sadly some people have had their power turned off for weeks or months. While the non-profit can't assist everyone, they may be able to provide some emergency funding to those who need assistance. The Salvation Army wants people to know that they may be able to help.

The utility bill assistance funds are made available to the Salvation Army through an energy assistance grant from the Michigan Department of Human Services. While the center may be able to provide assistance, it is offered as a last resort. Potential clients should always contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) first. Only after families and individuals have explored all other options available to them may the Salvation Army be able to help. As a reminder, those who are in need of some form of utility or heating assistance should inquire with the DHS first before contacting the Salvation Army.

Proof of your hardship is required as well. When someone calls the Salvation Army they will need to be prepared to provide some or all of the following information. Bring proof of your income. You will need to show how many people live in your home and have identification for them. Applicants will also need to bring copies of their utility bills and past statements as well. Also, when you apply, keep in mind that emergency energy bill assistance is only available to qualified families and individuals at most once per year.

Many of the programs and funds offered by the Salvation Army are limited and only available certain times of the year. They also rely heavily on federal government, state of Michigan, and fundraisers from the local Bay County community. Case managers and others from the community are always trying to get word out to people so that they can use the funds that are available.





Other services are offered by the Bay City Salvation Army as indicated below. However the offerings will change over time as well.

Food giveaways are held from time to time. During the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will be held more frequently. The Salvation Army will also coordinate free holiday meals, including Turkey and all the stuffing. A free food pantry is also available and it can distribute canned goods, emergency food baskets and more. Those wishing to participate in these assistance programs are recommended to bring their own boxes or bags and they should also arrive early due to demand.

Free prescription eyeglasses or hearing aids may be offered too. Struggling residents of Bay County Michigan who want to participate need to work with the Salvation Army and their partner organization, which is Bay City Lions Club. They administer assistance programs for vision and heating needs. You will need to apply for this resource.

It is recommended to call for hours and more details, but in general the Bay City Lions Sight and Hearing Board will review applications that were submitted. Applications are usually processed on the second Tuesday of every month at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. To learn more dial 989-893-3041.

The Angel Tree program can provide free Christmas assistance to children from low income families. The trees are placed in public areas in Bay County. Each will have tags that have wishes from children, infants, adults and senior citizens in need. Even if a child is not adopted, the Salvation Army will still try to provide something (gift, toy, clothing) through the Angel Tree program. Helpers and volunteers can also contact the family and deliver gifts directly to their apartment or home. All Angel Tree applicants are required to provide current state ID, proof of income, and also details on the number of children in the home.

The two centers are located at 401 10th St. (phone (989) 893-3041) as well as 601 N Euclid Ave (call (989) 686-4162) in Bay City Michigan.




By Jon McNamara

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