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Baltimore free legal aid and assistance from lawyers.

Coordinating services in both Baltimore and across the state of Maryland, free legal aid is available for low income individuals. It can help with various civil matters, and there are additional programs available for the elderly and disabled in the region. The main resources available from the attorneys and pro-bono firms are noted below.

Help with preventing evictions and/or foreclosures is available from the pro-bono Baltimore law firms. The legal support will assist both tenants and homeowners, and help them remain in their existing home or apartment. So if you have received a pay or quit notice from your landlord, some residents may be able to meet with an attorney for free advice on their rights and obligations.

Attorneys will also help clients that are faced with housing discrimination from a prospective landlord. While this can sometimes be difficult to find in the city, programs will ensure they have access to habitable, affordable, accessible, and secure homes. There are resources for both public and subsidized housing, breach of lease evictions, condemnations, and even denials of say a section 8 housing voucher.

There is assistance for consumer issues, and this ranges from debt collection to stopping foreclosures and things such as wage garnishment. A main goal is to ensure people are treated fairly by their creditors, are not scammed, or get solid advice on financial matters.

Some examples of the cases handled by Baltimore legal aid include help in stopping debt collectors from calling or harassing customers. There is free advice, or maybe even representation, when someone is being sued from a creditor. There is also information on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and much more.

A major focus of the free legal aid in Baltimore is to assist residents with applying for government benefits. Low income individuals can get help in applying for temporary cash assistance, SNAP food stamps, unemployment benefits and more. Attorneys from legal firms will also help people fight denial of Social Security, disability or other benefit claims.

In some cases, an individual may be already receiving government benefits and then they are reduced in the future. So if the disabled or a senior in Baltimore has their social security payments reduced or maybe Medicaid, then legal support can help contest that as well. Or if your application is being held up, then staff can represent clients in an hearings for SSI.




Seniors in Baltimore City and the county are both priorities for local attorneys. There is a focus on people over the age of 60, and they can get help in activities that are important to them. This may include assistance in accessing long term care and applying for public health care, such as Medicare. Many of the services in Baltimore are coordinated with groups such as Area Agencies on Aging, and case managers from those offices also work closely with attorneys on these matters.

In many cases, the elderly need additional protection. So there is free advice for them on applying for Social Security and SSI as well as getting into a nursing home. They also advocate across Maryland and the county for the rights of seniors.

Employment needs can help those that were terminated or that may be discriminated against when applying for a new job. Lawyers and their staff will enforce a client’s right to work and protect them again unemployment whenever possible. The Baltimore office will help ensure an employees rights to legal wages and more.

Clients can get support when it comes to government regulations. Cases addressed can include FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act or Americans with Disabilities Act violations or wage garnishments from issues such as IRS tax filings.

Civil family law issues are wide ranging. It is important to note that no criminal cases are ever handled. Baltimore legal aid can help women or children impacted by domestic violence. They also assist with child custody issues and much more.

Another component of this is Maryland Legal Aid’s Long-Term Care Assistance Project, or LTCAP. This service helps senior citizens and also the disabled get access to the assistance they need. LTCAP is one of the main government resources, and it serves clients in assisted living facilities, their private homes, and also nursing facilities.





Legal aid will help people access health care. This can include medical assistance for the disabled, sick children and the elderly in Baltimore city. Lawyers will also help enforce terms of health or disability insurance contracts. Staff from the law firms want all residents of the county of Baltimore to have access to high-quality but also affordable health care.

Locations of free lawyers in Baltimore

The main locations are as follows. Advice, representation, and other support services are all offered to low income clients.

  • 500 E. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, The local number for the city is (410) 951-7777
  • For residents of Baltimore County, their office is at 29 W. Susquehanna Ave., Towson, MD 21204, (410) 427-1800

By Jon McNamara

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