Baldwin County Alabama Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Baldwin County Salvation Army is part of the wider coastal Alabama faith based charity. The agency is involved in offering many forms of assistance to qualified low income families, including Project Able for employment, emergency financial aid, and the shelter/housing program called Family Haven.

There are emergency services provided as funding allows. Some of what may be available in Baldwin County includes shelter, free food or clothing. Cash grants are limited but the charity may have Rent and Electric Bill Payment Assistance programs or vouchers to help pay for medications. Other programs are aimed at stopping poverty, and the Salvation Army offers Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, Disaster Response, Job Placement, and help for the Youth. More information is below.

Family Services and Corp Centers are available for anyone to drop in at. Senior citizens, the disabled, and unemployed often contact the Salvation Army for services. The faith based charity will not discriminate based on gender, age, racial, disability or ethnic background. This is one more place to learn about the programs.

Disaster relief includes emergency assistance. The Salvation Army is sometimes the first to respond using partners such as The American Red Cross. The centers offer practical support (such as meals, food, or clothing) as well as counseling. The key is to help the Baldwin County family survive while they recover from the disaster.

Baldwin County Salvation Army Angel Tree provides free toys, clothing, Christmas food baskets and more during the holidays. This service is focused on children from lower income households. However if food is given out, then of course the entire family will benefit. The family will need to have enrolled into other Salvation Army programs in order to sign up.

People and businesses from across Baldwin County donate. When Angel Tree is available, the client should put together a specific requests of what their child needs for the holiday. This should say their size of clothing, whether the toys should be for a boy or girl, and age. Angel Trees may be set up at malls and other public areas in Baldwin County.




When it comes to Thanksgiving meals, hundreds of people are served per year. The food is restaurateur quality and prepared by chef's. Not only is there a lot of effort to prepare a meal, but hundreds of volunteers also take part in serving them and collecting donations from the community.

The Homeless Management Information System as well as ESG Rapid Rehousing are some of the primary ways to get financial help. Salvation Army case workers direct qualified clients to these resources for either rent or energy bill payments. When applying for ESG grants, clients need proof of income, identification, copy of benefits such as food stamp letters, utility bills, and more.

Baldwin County Salvation Army also focuses on employment needs. The services are part of Project Able as well as the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The applicant will be assigned a mentor to work with as they seek a job.

Many of the participants are unemployed. Others are homeless. But in either case, the gain is to get the client a job. The Salvation Army also provides practical support as part of Project Able, and that includes a ride to a job, short term housing, hot meals, and clothes for an interview or their new job. If the person was homeless, they can access showers as well as personal hygiene need. Placement into affordable housing is also part of this service.

Transitional housing in Morgan County is also part of the Salvation Army services. The program known as Family Haven can offer accommodations for 12 weeks. It combines housing along with basic needs such as Childcare Assistance, Transportation, multiple meals, clothing, and the free use of computers. The location is for a diverse group of clients. Family Haven can accommodate single mothers, children, fathers, and even two parent families that are facing a crisis.

The center in Baldwin County is part of the regional network. For more details, call 251.479.2389.



By Jon McNamara

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