Atmos Energy Tennessee assistance programs.

Low income families who receive their gas service from Atmos Energy can apply for financial assistance for paying their bills, or they can also look into energy conservation or weatherization programs. Assistance is offered by federal government programs as well as directly by Atmos.

In general, energy bill assistance programs can help low income, seniors, disabled, and working poor Atmos Energy customers in Tennessee. The services can either help them save money from conservation, or it can help them pay their natural gas bills. Many of the resources are focused on assisting with heating bills.

The company works closely with non-profit agencies and social service offices across Tennessee and their service territory. Some of the available programs include LIHEAP, Atmos energy payment plans, and various charity programs. Resources offered were designed to supplement any payments that are made by elderly, disabled or low-income customers, and is often combined with an effective conservation program is the federal government created weatherization service. Aid is prioritized for those who would otherwise be unable to pay the full cost of their home heating bills.

Manage your expenses from the Budget Billing Plan. This program is open to any Atmos customer in Tennessee, regardless of their income or financial condition. It provides them with a fairly easy way to manage their bills. The program is open for all residential customers, regardless of their income, and it can help them even or level out their natural gas bills on a year-round basis.

How it works is the monthly budget billing payment and the amount a customer needs to pay will be based on a rolling, 12-month average of your gas bill amount. If you do not have a long payment history, and say you have lived in your home less than 12 months, then Atmos Energy will calculate your monthly bill or gas usage based on the home's previous 12-month billing history.

The formula can be complicated, as the price of natural gas on the wholesale market and how much gas is used by the customer will result in changes each month to the budget bill amount due. This average bill is then recalculated each billing cycle, which will cause your payment amount to fluctuate somewhat from month to month. Budget billing should help reduce your highest winter gas bills and your most expensive summer cooling bills.





The low income energy assistance program, or LIHEAP, is available to the working poor, seniors, and people with high energy bills. It is a grant program, and hundreds of Atmos customers in Tennessee benefit from it every year. Funds can also be paid out in short order when a customer if faced with a crisis or disconnection.

Low income and senior individuals in Tennessee may be able to get financial assistance from various Share the Warmth programs. It runs from donations, and you can help people stay in their homes or apartment, especially disabled, seniors, and low income families with children. Share the Warmth resources operate from donations, so contribute to your community's or counties energy bill assistance program.

A number of non-profit community energy-assistance agencies across Tennessee work with Atmos Energy. The churches, charities, and nonprofit organizations accept applications from people who need emergency assistance. Agencies that participate in Share the Warmth will then distribute available funds according to their unique and established program guidelines. Click here for details on some locations to call for help in your town or county. The non-profits listed can also usually provide energy conservation tips, or details on weatherization resources.

In addition to encouraging donations, Atmos Energy divisions in Tennessee wholeheartedly support this community program with donations and contributions from its employees, customers, its shareholders and the energy company provides matching funds in many of its service areas.

Share the Warmth is always looking for donations. Any contribution you make can mean so much to the less fortunate, whether you give $1 a month, $5, $10, $20, or even if you just round up your monthly payment on your gas bill to the next highest dollar amount. All donations are entirely voluntary, and they are also tax deductible.

To enroll, contribute, or to make changes to the amount you currently donate, just call Atmos Energy at their toll free number of 1-888-286-6700. You can ask to enroll, or to be removed from the program. Any donation you make will appear as a separate line item on your monthly gas bill.



By Jon McNamara

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