Athens-Clarke, Jackson and Barrow County Salvation Army assistance programs.

While the programs vary by center, the Salvation Army will try to help the less fortunate in the county of Athens-Clarke as well as nearby towns and counties, such as Jackson The non-profit and its case managers provide referrals, information, and maybe direct financial aid. Clients can receive groceries from a food bank, clothing, shelter, and maybe funds to prevent homelessness.

The pantries will have food assistance. This will come to local families in the form of a box capable of providing an individual or family with meals for a few days. The contents of the box will vary, and often by season. However, in general, all the items in the Salvation Army food box are shelf stable and do not contain any perishables that may expire quickly. Special Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas gift and food baskets may be available too.

In some cases the items are available to drop ins. In other cases, the food assistance is available by referral from the local County Department of Human Resources or another local charity organization. Be sure to bring identification, social Security cards if have them for all members of household, copies of lease or utility bills and other proof.

Holiday assistance is available as the Salvation Army believes that every child deserves to experience the joy of Christmas morning. Mostly due to supporters of The Salvation Army's Angel Tree and Adopt a Family programs, many children from the Athens-Clarke county region will find toys or gifts waiting under their Christmas trees.

In most years, the Salvation Army and their Angel Tree program provides new toys, clothing, or games for children of low income and needy families through the generous support of donors. These programs are supported by donation trees which are located in local companies, post offices and corporations. The Angel Trees will be decorated with numbered paper angel tags with the first name, gender, and age of a child in need of presents and holiday joy. Please donate if you can.





Housing services can include funds for paying rent, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing and Lodges. The Salvation Army in Athens-Clarke is transforming men, families, and women. Most of the aid is for those who are facing a short term crisis or who are no longer able to cope with their problems. They often go to the Salvation Army for financial help.

Qualified clients can receive nourishing meals, adequate housing, engage in useful work opportunities, and have the benefits of spiritual guidance. The Salvation Army works with partners to offers free temporary shelter and information on transitional housing to the homeless and people that are struggling.

Clothing Assistance from closets and donation can include items for work or school supplies for children. Coats, shoes, jackets, hats, and other gently used items can be available, based on what was donated.

The Salvation Army tries to help all persons in need in the region of Athens-Clarke or Jackson in Georgia. Their aid is available regardless of religion, age, or race. The locations work to assist the less fortunate within its sphere of influence without discrimination.

As resources and funding allows, the Salvation Army offers a wide variety of social services and emergency assistance programs. They range from soup kitchens and emergency shelter to utility bill assistance and Christmas programs. Project Share is available across Georgia too, including in Athens. This will help families with an emergency and can offer them referrals as well as financial support.

Seniors, families with young children, and the disabled are just a few examples of who typically turns to the agency in their time of need. If the case managers can help you or don’t have resources available, then they may have information on other federal or state of Georgia programs.




Locations of Athens-Clark County regional centers

Barrow and Jackson Counties families should call the Salvation Army at 770-534-7589

306 E Franklin St, Toccoa, GA, (706) 886-5293
484 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, GA 3060. Call this Salvation Army center at (706) 543-5350.
5193 Washington St SW, Covington, GA, (770) 786-2107


By Jon McNamara

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