Arlington public assistance.

A combination of emergency assistance and long term support is provided by Arlington Department of Human Services. The goal of the public benefits is to help with short term needs, such as food, housing, medical care, or utilities, while getting the family off of benefits and out of the entitlement system.

Each government benefit has income limits and other restrictions in place. Many applications will be denied due to lack of resources or the person’s income is too high. However, the main financial aid programs in Arlington are below.

During a crisis, individuals and families in need can turn to the emergency basic needs program for help. Through this resource, the human services department of Arlington provides more so called basic goods. This can be clothing, free food, rent assistance, emergency money for short-term shelter, and grants for utility bills. While funds are limited, many people in Arlington can get up to $500 payment to assist with rent, medical bills, mortgage, utility or clothing expenses.

The department can also provide loans under certain circumstances. When these are available, the loans will need to be repaid within a specified time frame, and both money and volunteer community service are reimbursement options. In general, contributions from churches and nonprofit civic groups across Arlington are combined with federal money to support the emergency basic needs program.

Other eviction prevention services and shelters are funded using public aid. Examples in Arlington include A-SPAN (which is an Emergency Winter Shelter) and the Doorways for Women and Families, which is for single moms too and their children. The goal is to prevent homelessness in Arlington.

The general relief program in Virginia is intended for individuals who have been disabled for 12 months or longer, whether it is physical or mental. Eligible clients receive monthly maintenance payments and cash grants to pay for their bills. There can be public aid for back rent, food, medicine and other needs. This program also provides financial assistance to unrelated children who lack income, such as a grandparent caring for their grandchild.

Low-income households can apply for help with groceries and food costs. One of the main resources in Arlington is the SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This is often better known as food stamps.




The publicly administered service will subsidize the cost of food and perishable goods and help ensure that clients maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. Assets, resources, income and non-financial criteria determine eligibility for this federal funded program.

Grants are also provided for basic needs. Income-eligible families with children can receive direct financial assistance via the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, or TANF program. It distributes monthly cash payments to help low-income families manage basic needs and pay bills, and it will also require that participants find employment or enroll into job training.

VIEW, or the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare from DHS in Arlington is designed for SNAP and TANF clients. The individual seeking help will be assigned to a social worker, and the program help participants achieve self-sufficiency through employment and, accordingly, offers educational and job-training opportunities to them. This initiative helps clients obtain work experience, enroll into career counseling, conduct job searches and gain employability skills.

Medicaid is the nations and state’s main public health insurance resource. It helps qualified individuals and families in Arlington and many other Virginia cities bear the cost of medical services and pay for hospital and related bills.

Using federal funds, financial assistance is provided for doctor visits, prescription medications, hospital and nursing home care, and other medical costs. Eligibility for Medicaid is determined by health insurance status, the applicant’s total household income and resources, as well as non-financial criteria, such as age, pregnancy, incapacity and other factors.

Some of the main public health care services from Department of Human Services in Arlington include Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS), free dental care and cleanings, as well as discounted prescriptions.





The regional Arlington hospitalization program, meanwhile, helps individuals who are ineligible for Medicaid and have an income that is below the federal government poverty level. This help pay for a portion of hospital treatments and visits to health department clinics.

Other health care is provided too. Under the auxiliary grants program, disabled, hearing impaired, blind and/or low-income persons who reside in licensed homes or hospitals can obtain financial aid to help pay for and support their ongoing care. There are options such as Medicaid for Persons Who are Elderly and Disabled and many others.

Receive help for utility and other bills. The LIHEAP or Fuel Assistance Program in Virginia helps needy households pay heating bills or other costs in certain situations, such as air conditioning expenses. This federal program is typically available during the fall, summer and winter months.

Government issued vouchers can be used to subsidize day care for children. This service is intended for TANF recipients and other income-qualified parents that are in job training or employed. The human services department of Arlington offers these childcare vouchers to allow parents to have the time to train for jobs, seek employment or attend school.

Section 8 housing vouchers are administered by the county. This is supported by HUD, and the money from the government will help pay a portion of the rent. The tenant will also need to contribute, and the amount will usually be 30% of their income, and social services also needs to approve the home or apartment selected by the individual.

The location of Social Services is at 2100 Washington Blvd., Arlington, Virginia 22204. Applications are needed in person.



By Jon McNamara

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