Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop emergency assistance programs.

Emergency assistance is combined with free food and clothing vouchers from Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop. The organization operates as a non-profit and provides assistance only to the residents of the immediate area of Arcadia California that meet all income and other conditions. While funds for any type of rent or energy bills is limited, the thrift store is open to the general public and can sell quality, gently used items to people of all income levels and backgrounds.

Financial support is limited, but it may be available for paying utility or water bills or prevent a shut off, or the Welfare and Thrift Shop may have money for paying back rent of a tenant facing eviction. The funds will usually come from the sale of goods at the thrift store as well as donations from the public, so any funding will therefore be very limited.

When facing a shut off of power or electric service, there may be assistance for those utility bills to. Once again, any aid from Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop would be available in small quantities, and the staff will first recommend that clients seek a payment extension with their utility provider or explore other solutions too. A disconnection notice is needed, proof of income, and other information.

The rental assistance program may have funds to be used for one time, partial payments for qualified working poor or low-income people that reside in the Arcadia California. There may also be assistance for the homeless, including help to pay the security deposit or referrals to transitional housing.

Any type of assistance for housing needs is very limited and is for special circumstances. Another key condition is the applicant needs to be facing a onetime crisis and otherwise be self-sufficient. The applicant needs to have an eviction notice and meet other program terms and conditions.

In addition to the financial aid, there is also a limited number of Homeless Motel or Hotel Vouchers available from time to time. This is for low-income people, families, or single parents facing a crisis, such as an eviction. The help is only for residents of Arcadia.

When this program is operational, the vouchers can only be used for one or two nights' stay in a local motel, and the location needs to be affordable and meet all other program conditions. Also, these free vouchers are only offered depending on available space at a local motel and upon the circumstances of the caller.




Emergency food or household goods may be available from the non-profit thrift store in the Arcadia region. There are items for the homeless, very low income, and people facing poverty in the area. The household goods will usually be distributed from the thrift shop and can be clothing, coats, blankets, sleeping bags and similar items.

When it comes to food, the emergency program may have bags of groceries, fruits, vegetables, and other items. This is often provided in partnership with Los Angeles County food pantries and other non-profits in Southern California.

The clothing items from the Welfare and Thrift Shop is for children, women, men, and the less fortunate. While most of the items are used, they will be in good shape. Anyone can shop at the site for the items that either they need or their families. Also, those residents with the lowest income may receive a voucher to shop for what they need at the store.

So while the Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop does do its best to help the less fortunate, their resources are limited. The main address is at 323 N. 1st Ave., Arcadia California, 91006, and the agency can be called at (626) 447-6864.




By Jon McNamara

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