Antioch Family Life Center assistance programs.

The non-profit Antioch Family Life Center can help with a wide variety of needs. Whether it is food to stop hunger, back rent for preventing an eviction, transportation to a job interview, or other needs, the request will be assessed. There is a strong focus on the most vulnerable in the county of Shawnee. While funding is limited, there will try to be priority on senior citizens of children in the community. But others can seek help too.

Resources for paying bills and emergency expenses

Antioch Family Life Center offers numerous programs that meet basic needs, such as food, shelter, and medical care. Any help provided is for low-income individuals and families as well as the underemployed. Additional supportive services prevent family disruption, strengthen family life, and keep families together.

Funds for paying certain bills, such as rent or energy costs, may be paid out. The agency will also try to promote individual functioning. They will also work with clients to make temporary placements in group homes or institutions as needed. Lastly, Antioch Family Life Center will help keep the elderly and/or disabled in their own property.

All forms of housing assistance will be explored. Whether someone needs money for a portion of back rent, access to shelter, or funds for a security deposit on a new apartment in Topeka, this will be reviewed. They can also refer homeowners to programs, such as LIHEAP, for paying heating or gas bills.

Through a collaboration with both local churches and the Feeding America Food Bank, Antioch Family Life Center is able to provide low-income clients nutritious, local and organic groceries. This is offered for free on a weekly basis from a food pantry. This service is able to provide assistance for dozens of working poor local families in the community. The pantry serves and supports the community every week, including on the holidays, through the tireless dedication of volunteers and donations.

The LIHEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program and Energy Crisis Intervention Service help income-eligible families in need with obtaining temporary emergency supplies of fuel. As long as income requirements are met, HEAP and ECIP can help with paying any type of home heating fuel bill.




Funded by the state of Kansas Housing Trust Fund Corporation's Office of Community Renewal, Antioch Family Life Center helps Shawnee County senior homeowners by making emergency repairs to their homes. To qualify, at least one resident must be 60 years of age or older. In addition, the Shawnee County household must meet income eligibility requirements; the property must be the homeowners’ primary residence; and the existing situation must pose a threat to the health, life or safety of the occupants.

Antioch Family Life Center will help in various ways. The program may repair the roof, electrical system, foundations, plumbing, furnace, address tripping hazards, water problems, add steps, and/or handrails, with the maximum dollar amount limited to $5,000.

The goal of the Thanksgiving Food Box Distribution from Antioch Family Life Center is to offer impoverished families food for the week of Thanksgiving. Every participating income qualified family will receive a box of groceries that meets the needs of their family size. In addition, they will receive a gift card to a local grocery store for the purchase of meats, such as a turkey or ham.

Antioch Family Life Center stabilization services

The Antioch Family Life Center has job placement services for working poor youth, adults and displaced workers in Shawnee County. This service works in collaboration with the County of Shawnee One Stops Centers and offers a broad range of preparatory help for struggling clients in today’s high demand job market. Referrals are also provided for job placement or internships with local companies.

The center will also ensure the person is in the proper position to be successful at these programs. So they will refer them to education sessions, such as ESL classes or whatever the client needs. If the trainee needs material goods, such as clothing for an interview or a gasoline voucher, then that can also be arranged.

Other resources may also be available. Whether it is referrals to local benefits, legal aid, or homeless prevention assistance, Antioch Family Life Center is a leading non-profit to contact. The office is located at 1921 SE Indiana in Topeka, Kansas 66607. The phone number is (785) 232-1937.



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