Housing and utility bill help from Almost Home.

A limited amount of financial assistance may be provided by Almost Home to income qualified Weld or Adams County families. The funds are limited, but they may be available for paying delinquent rent, energy bills or other expenses. It is recommended to call for availability. Other resources from the Colorado based non-profit can include emergency shelter and short term transitional housing units.

Most of the resources are for a limited number of situations, and in almost all cases the applicant needs to have some source of income and be otherwise self-sufficient. For example, if an individual has a one time financial crisis, then there may be funds available to pay a portion of their rent to help them avoid an eviction as they work through that emergency. This will also apply to past utility bills as well.

Almost Home has many conditions in place. Some example include, but are not limited too, the individual needs to be an Adams County resident and have a Legal Residency in the county as well. They will also need to show proof of income, expenses, and total assets. Note some financial aid may be provided in Weld County, however this too will be limited.

The funds are intended to be as a last resort. For example, anyone in Adams County that needs help for their utility bills needs to have explored federal resources such as LEAP first. Or other charities, government benefits and faith based organizations also need to have been contacted. Only if there are no other options may Almost home be called upon.

Any funds issued will be small dollar amounts. If the person or family seeking help is too far behind, then Almost Home may not be able or willing to provide support. The clients needs to have shown some level of fiscal responsibility in the past, including having a source of income as well as self-sufficiency.

For the currently homeless or people facing imminent eviction, Almost Home operates an Emergency Shelter and Transitional Type Housing Program too. This will be for Adams County residents that meet all conditions and terms. Also, a focus is on those individuals with some form of income and/or transportation.

A main goal of the shelter is to provide individuals additional time to gain stability. So the person can have some form of lodging and during that time, they can continue to work and save money. Case management and other self-sufficiency will be provided as well, along with guidance and other support. During their stay each family will need to participate in workshops and classes, case management and they will also need to show the ability to regain self-sufficiency.





Low income housing is available at Hughes Station. This was created by Almost Home in the Brighton Colorado area. While rent will still be due from the tenant, the amount is reduced in an effort to make the apartments more affordable to live in. In addition, residents of the apartments will have access to a variety of opportunities for residents to gain skills and knowledge that will aid in home buying and beyond.

The apartments have a number of features, such as washer and dryer hookups, entries, patios, and living rooms. Some people will say the units are spacious, and provide flexible living arrangements for families. There may also be waiting lists in place due to demand and limited availability.

For more information or referrals, Almost Home is located at 231 N Main St., Brighton, Colorado 80601 and can be called at 303.659.6199.




By Jon McNamara

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