Albemarle Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Offering a number of referrals and access to social services, the Albemarle North Carolina Catholic Charities can help low income families. There are programs for seniors, households with children, the unemployed and others that are less fortunate. While some resources are offered directly by the churches and Catholic Charities, they do provide extensive linkage to other government assistance and local non-profits.

The resources administered are for several different counties in North Carolina, including Currituck, Camden, Dare, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Bertie, Hertford, Chowan, Washington, Hyde, Gates, Tyrell and Martin. More details on the potential services available are below, but anything provided will depend on funding levels and other criteria.

A major focus is on case management and family support. The goal is to help people escape poverty or a low income status. It touches upon employment, financial stability, budgeting, and more. In addition, Catholic Charities can often provide referrals to financial aid programs, such as for rent, housing, or utility bills, in counties such as Washington, Dare, Camden and others. They are involved in providing information and referrals for a variety of needs. Other case management services include some or all of the following.

  • -Health care - The address family safety and health and have information on community clinics or dental programs.
  • -Employment assistance, such as job training and WIA one stop centers.
  • -Financial literacy - This can include Budget counseling and credit repair. These two resources can be effective, as well as information on debt management plans.
  • -There are other programs focused on enhancing economic stability, Educational programming, Pregnancy Services, and help for family/domestic violence issues.

Employment and Career Assistance from Albemarle Catholic Charities Family Support Services can help clients search, apply for, prepare and interview for employment opportunities. They can also provide information on government (both state and federal) job training programs. Other career counseling is offered too.





There are trained volunteers and staff that provide assistance to prepare, search and interview for employment opportunities in North Carolina. The charity and its churches will work with people who are unemployed as well as those that are employed and looking to enhance their job situation.

The employment programs include free career assessments; Interviewing preparation; Assessment of aptitudes and interest for specific jobs; Review and assistance with resume writing/updating; as well as help in conducting job searches. There is also other support through the entire job seeking process.

Economic Stability is another key service offered. For individuals or families who want help in understanding how to understand banking, how to budget better, and to deal with unpaid loans, there is support. Catholic Charities provides Financial literacy education and information, limited income tax preparation assistance, Family budgeting skills, classes and ongoing support, debt reduction services, and more. Sessions are held in the Albemarle service territory, including counties such as Pasquotank, Bertie, Washington, and Tyrell.

Government and public assistance programs have helped many families in North Carolina. Case managers can help people apply for programs such as SNAP food stamps or refer families to section 8 housing vouchers, which often have a waiting list. Some charities or non-profits in the region may offer support for rent in order to prevent an eviction. There may also be home care for seniors or information on the disability benefits programs, such as SSDI. So while Catholic Charities direct financial aid is very limited, there are other local options for low income families.

The Albemarle Regional Office of Catholic Charities, and their staff, are committed to helping those who are struggling economically, spiritually and emotionally. They have churches, volunteers, and staff that work with them to support the less fortunate. Over the years the organization has assisted thousands of families from all different religions and backgrounds. For more information, the main center is at Albemarle Regional Office, 123 Market Street, Hertford, NC 27944. Or call (252) 426-7717.



By Jon McNamara

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