Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties.

Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties is a non-profit that focuses on homeless prevention as well as other housing programs in Anderson and nearby counties. The main goal is to assist low income and working poor families and lead them towards the path of self-reliance and financial freedom through a broad spectrum of direct assistance services.

Their main social services resource works on homelessness and eviction prevention. Case managers will also be assisting clients towards a life of independence and employment. By providing short-term supportive counseling and financial help, the family unit forms stability and self-sufficiency after a period of crisis.

A screening process will take place, and based on that, case managers will verify and match a client’s individual needs. ADFAC’s Social Workers work one on one to develop life goals including budgeting for maintaining a home, possible education or job training, credit repair and other ways to promote independence of the client. Programs are available based on the individual's needs which may include applications to section 8 housing, GED, job training, and access mental health centers.

Over the years, thousands of families have been helped from financial aid or grants, and client confidentiality is of great importance to the agency. The types of assistance provided based on an assessment of each client’s wants and needs includes short term utility bill and rent help. There has also be assistance with a mortgage, crisis cupboard, prescription assistance, school supplies, weatherization, short term counseling and referrals to other Anderson agencies. Eligibility for the homeless prevention program includes meeting an income requirement and residency which includes families and individuals who live below the median income level in the area.

The mission of Aid to Distressed Families is to help those struggling the most in the community by making available a wide range of social services to those who meet eligibility. Those in a familial crisis may receive support from the non-profit via short-term assistance for basic human needs. Some of the other housing resources include affordable solutions for home rehabilitation and new construction, alternatives for energy conservation to offset future utility bills, youth services to help children thrive, and they will always put an emphasis on education.




Affordable housing and low income apartments are always paramount to creating a life of safety and well-being. Many people just struggle to keep up with their rent each month. So ADFAC’s Affordable Housing Program aims to construct new homes that are affordable for low income clients as well as seniors.

In addition, minor home repairs are made, with a focus on seniors or the most vulnerable. There may be help for such tasks as fixing roofs, home improvements and fixing substandard owner occupied homes is also provided based on needs. Those who benefit from direct home repair and rehab must own the home and have resided in it for at least a year.

Foreclosure counseling is an option too. By ensuring mortgages are reasonable and affordable for these individuals, this may lead to a road of accountability and long term independence, while creating sustainable housing resolutions within the Appalachian communities.

Most of the aid is based on federal government grants and local funds, such as contributions from contractors. Those clients who receive services contribute their share through giving back to the community and making timely payments on low-interest loans. These monthly payments are then placed back into the loan fund to help other low-income families/individuals reach their goals.

There are a few different departments of the Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties. Main main phone numbers are Affordable Housing (call (865) 481-3837) as well as Social Services (dial (865) 483-6028). The main office is at 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge Tennessee.



By Jon McNamara

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