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Eviction and homeless prevention programs in Ada County.

Ada County tenants as well as homeowners that are at risk of losing their home or apartment can get help from one of many homeless prevention programs. There is also help for the currently homeless, which as defined by the McKinney–Vento Assistance Act is someone without a permanent place to live.

There may be emergency eviction help for renters as well as free foreclosure counseling services. The support given to individuals across the community depends on many factors. As part of this intake process, local non-profits will assess the applicant's income, their past payment history on housing costs, and what type of support they need. This may range from legal aid to financial help for rent or mortgage arrears, utility bill payments, and more.

Many of the programs are organized by groups such as CATCH, which is a regional partnership of non-profits, churches, and government agencies. The organizations that are part of this partnership include the Boise Rescue Mission, WCA, the Salvation Army, as well as City Light Home for Women and Children among others. However when seeking eviction or rehousing help, residents should call the intake number below.

There are also services focused on certain groups or needs. CATCH - Charitable Assistance To Community’s Homeless (CATCH) will mostly focus their programs on families with children, including single moms or dads. Other resources, such as Supportive Services for Veteran Families helps with housing needs for low income or homeless veterans. Then of course there is section 8 HUD vouchers. Each program has their own terms and conditions in place.

Ada County emergency eviction assistance programs – Grants for paying arrears on rental costs or utilities may be issued from one of many sources. There may be assistance from area congregations of faith, government offices such as DHS, or national charitable organizations in Ada County including the United Way or Salvation Army.

Anyone seeking eviction help will need to bring documentation of their needs. Agencies that are part of CATCH or other partnerships will need a copy of the lease agreement, proof of income, copies of their budget, and proof of residency. If the eviction is being caused by unpaid electric or water bills, then bring a copy of the disconnection notice from the energy company as well.





When financial aid is paid out, it will be limited. There may be partial payments made to the tenant or utility provider. If the fact is that the home they are currently leasing is no longer affordable due to a change in their financial circumstances, or if the applicant was not budgeting or working to be self-sufficient, then either no assistance will be provided or an agency such as WCA or the Salvation Army may issue a loan as well. They do this to reduce the risk to the organization issuing the money.

Organizations that focus on rapid rehousing – This is a main focus on Charitable Assistance To Community’s Homeless. As noted, they support households with children. But other groups may also participate.

When a formerly homeless/evicted family qualifies, they will get help in locating an affordable apartment in Boise. They will then also get help in signing a lease and moving into it. Not only will possible financial help for paying security deposits or moving costs be given, but tenants may also be provided furniture and basic household furnishing.

It can often be difficult to find an affordable home. Leases executed between the family, landlord, and under the guidance of CATCH may have a monthly rent of as much as $800. This will of course depend on the size of the family and home being leased. This tends to be an affordable amount for most lower to moderate income families.

Intensive case management is organized as well throughout the region. Any eviction or foreclosure assistance given will require this. The tenant or homeowner will be given help in improvising their finances. There is also assistance around employment as well.




Generally, a client may have as many as 60 days to find employment and get back on track with paying their rent and bills on their own. Then, a gradual scale may be put into place. This will require total stability be achieved by the end of 5 months. If the likelihood of that occurring is very low, then it may be challenging for the individual to receive eviction assistance from these agencies.

There is a text service in Ada County that can provide people information on agencies that may offer homeless prevention services as well as other support around housing needs. The number to text is 898211 for more details.


By Jon McNamara

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